Christmas treats and my first fondant cake

Thought I’d post a few pics of some christmas treats.

First up, some candy cane cupcakes which I saw on one of my favourite blogs,

The recipe for the chocolate cupcakes is divine and is from the glorious treats blog. Just make sure you only fill them up halfway as they rise considerably.

My mother-in-law organised a maxicab to take us to my brother-in-law’s house for christmas day (so we could both have a little drink) and I had my cupcakes in my trusty cupcake courier, however after a few speedy turns, I discovered that all my candy cane cupcakes had turned upside down!! Lucky for the cab driver it was christmas day, and in the spirit of christmas I decided not to knee him in the balls 🙂

At least I got some good photos before I left the house!

Next up were some vanilla bean cupcakes with some red and green edible glitter and snowflakes that I piped in advance using royal icing. I managed to get quite a few good ones, however I dropped the container and a few broke!

Next up were some gingerbread men… inspired by a picture on flickr (of which I cannot find anymore). There were much better ones on there, but due to my amaturish piping skills, I just picked the easiest one to make! I was thrilled with how these turned out, as previous attempts to ice biscuits had ended up pear shaped.

Finally, I made a birthday cake for my brother in law, who complains that having a birthday so close to christmas has always been the bain of his existence because he gets combined christmas/birthday presents and people don’t really care about celebrating his birthday! I wasn’t game enough to cover the cake with fondant, but it was my first time making objects from gumpaste and I was thrilled with how they turned out! Note: the edges of the cake looked much better before my 4 yr old (again!) scoffed a few of these when I was out of the kitchen!

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  1. Shuswapcakes November 26, 2011 at 12:46 am #

    Great poker cake – the chips look so real (are they!?) I’m going to try gumpaste instead of fondant next time for shaping objects. Great stuff again 🙂

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