Flower Pot Birthday Cake

Ava is very lucky to share her birthday with an amazing friend of mine, and I couldn’t wait to make her a cake for her birthday.

Jacqui is a keen gardener and so I decided to take inspiration from Peggy Porchen and create a flower pot to go on top of the cake. The flower pot was made from rice bubbles and marshmellows which I moulded using a dairole tin and set in the fridge. I really should have covered the pot with ganache before layering my fondant, but thought I could get away without doing it.

I had originally planned to make the sides of the cake more of a garden, with grass and flowers, but thought it would end up too busy, so I just used a few butterflies and bees/ladybugs to decorate.

(excuse the fact that the cake is on top of my turntable!)

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One Response to Flower Pot Birthday Cake

  1. Rickki June 14, 2011 at 2:52 am #

    stunning cake! i love your blog – baking with your adorable kids is so cute!
    how did you imprint the writing though?
    it looks so good…

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