Easy Lemon Mousse in Chocolate Cups

I have been wanting to make chocolate cups for a while as I have seen them on a few different blogs and thought they looked gorgeous 🙂

Chocolate cups are super easy to make… you basically melt down some chocolate and then paint the inside of your chocolate mould.

In this particular instance, I decided to make a chocolate ganache, by melting 200g chocolate and 100g double cream.

I started using my mini tart tins as the mould, but failed miserably!! So i used some silicone cupcake moulds instead, and painted a thick layer of chocolate.

Silicone moulds are easy to pick up at the supermarket/Big W etc, and you can pick up individual ones like I have, or you could buy a silicone muffin/cupcake tray – they even come in different shapes at my local Big W (with a price tag of <$10)

Once you have painted on your chocolate, place the mould in the freezer for 10minutes and then peel back the silicone.

I then whipped up some double cream and added in some lemon curd to make a lemon mousse.

I finished by piping the mousse into the chocolate cup and refrigerating until someone was ready to eat them!

These chocolate cups are so versatile, and so is this easy lemon mousse recipe. You could easily make a raspberry mousse using my raspberry mixture recipe and mixing it with cream. Or you could mix in some Sticky Date Pudding sauce to the cream and use a white chocolate cup.

Experiment away!!!

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2 Responses to Easy Lemon Mousse in Chocolate Cups

  1. Andrea Bedford June 23, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    YUM!! Love lemon curd…might have to give that a try! I get all my milk straight from the farmer now and scoop off the cream…but it’s only light/single cream and doesn’t really whip…very yum though. Will have to figure out how to make heavy cream from it. In the meantime…I think I will get try this next week! And some red velvet cupcakes…I’m all inspired! x

  2. Lisa @ Sweet as Sugar Cookies June 23, 2011 at 4:48 pm #

    That looks like such an elegant little dessert. I love how you made those chocolate cups. I’m thinking they would even be a nice touch for decorating cakes.

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