How to make a fondant duck

I am making a cake for a friend’s baby shower this weekend and sat down a few days ago to make some of the rubber duckies that will be on the cake.

I will preface this tutorial by saying that I am by no means a Picasso and as such, these are extremely simple ducks 🙂

I used the following tools:

Some tylo powder, fondant, colouring (yellow and orange) a black edible marker (super fine), a cake board the same size as my cake (so I could get the scale of the ducks right) and a rubbie duckie for inspiration 🙂

I also had Lily and Ava giving me some coaching…

I always work with fondant and then I use tylo (or tylose) powder to turn it into modelling paste (or gumpaste as they call it in the States). Basically… fondant is what I use to cover a cake. Fondant with tylo powder, changes the texture of the fondant so that it is easier to mould. More importantly, tylo powder ensures that the fondant will dry hard (which is important when making figurines.)

The ratio I use is 1/2 teaspon of tylo powder to 250g of fondant and I just knead it out until the powder has been absorbed.

Next up, colour your fondant until you reach your desired colours. A drop goes a long way!

(the girls were going to make their own ducks, but decided at the last minute they were better off eating the fondant!!)

Start by using a small amount of the yellow to create a teardrop shape

From the side profile, you can see there is a bit of height to it.

Next, make a ball for the head

.. and a triangle of orange for the beak

(I needed two ducks for my cake)

Attach the beak to the duck’s head using a fine paintbrush and some water, and using your finger, roll up the end of the beak slightly

Attach the head to the body

Using your edible marker, or a fine paintbrush dipped in some black food colouring, dot on the eyes

As I said… these ducks are VERY basic 🙂 You could also add some wings like I did for Ava and Molly’s farm cake that I made earlier this year.

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  1. Kristen Cook August 17, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

    You are so clever!

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