Garden cake and fondant tree tutorial

My lovely mother in law celebrated her birthday last month and so I decided to make her a garden cake, because she has created such a beautiful garden where she lives and adores being outside.

I started with my cake covered in fondant and then after rolling some brown fondant out, I used a wood impression mat to get the woodgrain look.

I then cut out my fence and stuck it onto the cake using some water

I mixed up some royal icing, dyed it green and using my grass piping tip, piped some grass around the edging (to cover up the mistakes!!)

I added some flowers (made from a blossom plunger cutter) and butterflies (also from a plunger cutter) to the grass.

I then rolled out some blue fondant, cut out a rectangle and then using my paintbrush and black food colouring, painted onto my sign.

To make the wooden trunk of the tree, I mixed chocolate brown fondant with my lighter brown fondant and twisted it around to get the wooden look.

I rolled it out for my trunk, and then cut the bottom to easily spread the trunk and create the tree roots.

I attached it to my cake using some water and then piped some grass around the bottom.

I then attached a polystyrene ball to the top of the trunk and attempted to use my royal icing to make the leaves, but it was a disaster!!

So… I rolled out some green fondant and using my leaf cutter, made some leaves and stuck them on and curled up the edges.

Finally, I rolled some little red balls from fondant to add to the tree and grass as apples

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2 Responses to Garden cake and fondant tree tutorial

  1. Nicola March 7, 2015 at 3:54 am #

    Hi Bronnie – thanks for sharing this cake. I think the tree is really cute (and thankfully very simple). My daughter has put in a request for a garden cake and this tree will work beautifully on it. Thanks again x

    • BronnieBakes Admin March 7, 2015 at 7:10 am #

      Thanks Nicola! All the best with your daughter’s cake 🙂


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