Little Birdie Cake

It’s been an exciting week as one of my best friends is about to launch her photography business. Even more exciting is the fact that today is her birthday and I was able to make her a birthday cake ๐Ÿ™‚

Those of you on my facebook page would have already seen the sneak peak (and if you haven’t already ‘liked’ the page, feel free to do so!)

I decided to base the cake around her logo, Little Buttons Photography

Bec has been a wonderful friend of mine since we were 11, although it took her a few months to realise how awesome I was (she used to tease me for re-doing my hair all the time!). She was one of my gorgeous bridesmaids (to the left of me) and recently had a beautiful daughter, Ella.

To make her gorgeous birthday cake I started by making the bird toppers a few weeks before her birthday. They were based around her logo..

Start by mixing your red and white fondant with some tylo/tylose powder so that it will harden and then begin by rolling the red into a ball and moulding it into a bird shape.

Roll out the white fondant and roughly trace the shape for the wings (don’t worry how ‘rough’ this is)

Cut out your wing and then use that as a guideline to cut out 3 other wings

Stamp out the eyes using a circle cutter and then using a smaller cutter, make an indent to replicate the ‘button’ eyes.

Using an edible marker or a fine paintbrush and some edible colouring, mark in crosses for the eyes.

Make a hole in the bottom of the bird (so that you can later insert a toothpick when you want to stick it in the cake) and then stick the eyes and wings on using some water or edible glue.

Make a hole for the beak

Roll out some white fondant and cut out an oval shape before attaching it to your bird.

To make the beak, roll out a thin sausage of black fondant

Fold it over and squeeze down the end

Dab the hole you made for the beak with some water and insert the beak into the bird

I’m a bit undecided about whether I like these beaks or not. I think for next time I’ll make a triangular shape and attach that as the beak.

In keeping with Bec’s logo, I then got out my edible market and drew red polka dots on one bird and stripes on the other. You can clearly see that I did not take my time with this as the stripes are a bit all over the place (it was getting late…)

Once I had decorated my cake, I inserted the matchstick into the bird and stuck it onto the top tier of the cake.

The cake was decorated fairly simply using polka dots, a name plate, theย stripey bow and a pearl-edged border.

And here is a picture of the beautiful birthday girl with her cake ๐Ÿ™‚

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