School bake sale! (using chocolate transfers)

Well, my first school bake sale is upon me… and although I initially had plans to make some amazingly intricate cupcakes/cake, when I found out that they would be selling for $10-12 a plate, I quickly changed my mind!

… and in the end, i was too tired to care 🙂

I ended up making some chocolate truffle cakes and thought I’d use the opportunity to try out some chocolate transfer sheets that I’d picked up at the local chocolate shop.

Chocolate transfer sheets are a sturdy, but flexible plastic sheet coated with a mixture of cocoa butter and edible food colouring, which has been etched with a pretty design.

I stamped out circles of the truffle cakes and organised my helper, melted chocolate, spatula and chocolate transfer sheets

 Melt some chocolate and gently spread it across your transfer sheet (shiny, acetate side down).

Let the chocolate harden for 7 mins (wont be completely hard) and then stamp out your circles. Don’t remove the circles, just simply make the imprint.

Place the chocolate in the fridge for a few minutes, while you make your ganache (chocolate and cream in the ratio of 2:1) and ice your truffle cakes.

Gently remove the chocolate circles and place on top of the cakes. Be very careful as they break easily!

You can probably omit the fridge stage during colder temperatures, but because it was warm today, some of my chocolate circles melted and smudged the pattern..

… and some of them cracked

.. but who really cares when it’s a school bake sale??!!! 🙂  (it also helps when the plate is really tiny and you can choose the best ones)

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One Response to School bake sale! (using chocolate transfers)

  1. Paula February 23, 2012 at 5:53 am #

    These truffles and transfers are really neat! Hope the bake sale was a big success 🙂

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