Easy Pirate Cake tutorial

I made this simple pirate cake a few weeks ago and thought I’d show you a tutorial on how you can create your own pirate cake (aren’t you happy I’m branching out and making some ‘boy’ cakes??!!)

I used a 6″ cake and covered it with blue fondant.

As you can see from the picture, I didn’t take much time to smooth it over because I knew I’d be covering the top with a pirate face 🙂

Start by cutting out a flesh coloured circle and attaching it to the centre of the cake using some edible glue/water

Roll out some red fondant and cut a semi circle. Attach to the cake

I ended up thinking the red hat came too far down the face, so I cut off a strip (red fondant is notoriously difficult to work with, so I was hoping that taking a strip off the hat wasn’t going to leave red marks over the cake!

Roll out a ball of white fondant for the eye, and a ball of flesh fondant for the nose and attach to the face.

Using a circle cutter, make an imprint for the mouth

Roll out some black fondant and cut out a semi circle and a thin strip for the eye patch

Very carefully, attach to the face. Black is also awful to work with and the last thing you want are black lines all over your pirate face!

I also added a small black ball of fondant for the eye ball.

Roll out a ball of flesh fondant, and using a ball tool, make an imprint for the ear. Attach to the face and use a cachous ball for the earring.

I also used a small line of black fondant for the eyebrow

I used my first impressions pearl mould to tidy up the edges of the cake, and also some crushed up marie biscuits for my ‘sand’

The scroll was made with some light brown fondant (mixed with tylo powder so that it hardened), and edible markers. I also dusted some brown petal dust over it.

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  1. Paula February 29, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

    Oh this cake is so cute and your tutorial is wonderful. Very detailed and you make me think that I too just might be able to make something like this.

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