How to make a Baby Shower Clothesline Cake – Part 1

I made a baby shower clothes line cake for my girlfriend last weekend – apologies for the shocking photos, but I forgot to take some proper ones and ran out of time on the day!

This cake by ‘Cakes by Suzanne’ is a good example of a proper clothes line cake

To make the baby clothes, I firstly mixed my fondant with tylo powder so that the clothes would dry and harden.


Roll out your fondant and cut a circle. Using a smaller cutter, cut a circle out of the top.

Pull the edges closer together and leave to dry.

Girl’s dress

Cut out a circle and gently stretch the top to make a pear shape

Using a small circle cutter cut a circle at the top

Cut straight across the top and then gently cut the sleeves out. I find it’s easiest to gently trace the lines before cutting.

Gently roll the end of a paintbrush across the dress to frill out the bottom

Using edible paint or an edible marker, draw the trimming on the dress and then attach two small balls for the buttons. Using a toothpick, make two small pricks for the button ‘eyes’.


Cut out a rectangle and then using a square cutter, or just cutting freehand, cut the top out.

Cut a thin triangle in the bottom and move the legs towards the sides.

Cut a semi circle and attach to the top. You can also use a matchstick to make small dots to add some texture to the pocket.


Cut a circle out for the tshirt and then follow the method for the dress.

Cut straight across the bottom

Add two buttons in the same way as for the dress (the picture below was taken before the buttons were added).


Roll out two balls and then roll them into sausages.

Bend it around and flatten it.

Roll out some fondant and cut a thin strip. Attach to the top of the sock and then using the end of a matchstick, make the ribbing pattern by indenting lines.

Baby Blanket

Roll out the fondant and cut out a square.

Using a matchstick, make your ‘checkered’ imprints

Start making patterns on the squares…. such as dots, lines, brushing petal dust and using cutters


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2 Responses to How to make a Baby Shower Clothesline Cake – Part 1

  1. Paula March 9, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

    I love how your clothesline cake turned out and the tiny baby outfits and blanket are the cutest little things!

  2. Maritza June 11, 2014 at 6:55 am #

    I am so excited, I love your cake, it’s just pretty!
    Job well done!

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