Easy Penguin Cookies

Hopefully you’re not too ‘penguined’ out at the moment! 🙂

I made these simple sugar cookies for Ava’s party.

Cookies have definitely become a party staple – they are always the first to be eaten and are handy to make because you can make them 3-5 days in advance. I’ve switched from using royal icing to fondant because I find it so much easier (it’s like cutting out playdo and my kids can help me).

I baked some oval shaped cookies and then attached the same size ovals in black fondant (I used water to attach them)

I also made some small blue flowers using a mini blossom cutter and sticking an edible pearl in the centre.

Next up I attached a white oval of fondant a few sizes smaller than the cookie

I then used my small Jem bow cutter to make some blue bows

I left the cookies to dry for an hour or so, and then drew on the eyes, beak, feet and dabbed a small amount of pink petal dust to make the cheeks rosy.

For the arms I cut out a black oval and then used the same cutter to recut the arms.

I attached them to the cookie and voila!

Note: I’m sure you can tell the difference between my photos and the gorgeous professional pictures taken by my talented girlfriend from Little Buttons Photography. I was very lucky to have her offer to document the day. Thanks Bec 🙂 
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2 Responses to Easy Penguin Cookies

  1. Paula March 23, 2012 at 7:48 am #

    I can never get enough of penguins. They are too cute. Your cookies are adorable and the extra added touches to them are very sweet.


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