Gruffalo Party: How to make the Snake and the party hats

A snake saw the mouse, and the mouse looked good…
‘Where are you going to, Little Brown Mouse? Come for a feast in my logpile house…’

Roll out some light green gumpaste/sugar paste (fondant mixed with a hardening agent) into a snake shape.

oh really?! a snake shape? Bet you didn’t see that one coming…

Taper off one end and leave a larger oval shape at the other end. Curl the snake around into a coil, and shape the head

You may need to hold the snake’s head in place for a few minutes (or use something underneath) so that it dries in place.

Roll out some red sugar/gum paste into a cone shape. Make a small hold at the top.

Using a sugar shaper, squeeze out a contrasting colour of gum/sugar paste

I also used a mini star cutter to use as embellishment for the party hat

Join 3-5 strands of the gumpaste together and insert into the top of the party hat

Add two white circles to the snake for the eyes and half a toothpick into the head (you may choose to omit this step)

Stick the hat to the snake’s head using some edible glue or water. Add any embellishment to the hat and draw in the eyeballs using an edible marker or small balls of black fondant.

Using a modelling tool or blunt knife, make markings on the snake to give it texture.

Draw on the snake print using an edible marker


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