Gruffalo Party: How to make the party food

I’d like to show you how to make the mini party food from fondant that I had on Molly’s Gruffalo Cake. You’ll find it is really simple to make the food and it’s something you could use on a wide variety of cakes, such as a teddybear’s picnic 🙂

Jam Sandwiches

Start by rolling out some red and white gumpaste/sugar paste (fondant mixed with a hardening agent like tylo powder) very thinly. Stick the red onto the white and then stick another thin layer of white on the top

Cut into strips and then cut into your sandwich triangles

To make the picnic plates, roll out some pink and cut out circles. Using a smaller circle cutter, make an imprint for the plate rims

Birthday Cake

Roll out chocolate and white colours medium thickness and stamp out circles before sticking them together

Roll out some red thinly and using a large blossom cutter, cut out your blossom and attach to the top of the cake.

For the ‘candles’ I found some white sprinkles which I simply stuck into the cake

The gingerbread men were simply gingerbread sprinkles! Nice and easy 🙂



Roll out a sausage of yellow and cut some small circles for the cupcake cases

As you can see – I’m simply brilliant at rolling out an even sausage of fondant!!!

Using a toothpick, gently make the imprints into the side of the cupcake case and then attach to the plate

Add small pink balls and an edible pearl on top

Plum Pie

Make a thick circle of light brown colour and using your finger, flatten in the middle to make a small bowl shape.

Stick some red fondant into the middle of the bowl

Roll out some light brown very thinly and cut strips. Layer them over the pie in a lattice style and then cut at the sides.

For the rest of the Gruffalo figurine tutorials see Molly’s party post.

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  1. Shirley June 4, 2013 at 5:58 pm #

    can u please post a tutorial on how to carve a vw beetle car cake


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