Party Inspiration: My top 5 unisex party themes

I absolutely LOVE looking at pictures of birthday parties. Even though most of them are way out of my league (and budget), it’s always fun to get ideas and inspiration.

I thought I’d show you some gorgeous pictures from around the web for my favourite unisex party themes. Starting with..


I’ve saved a lot of these photos as we had a Magician for Lily’s Halloween party last year and he was so brilliant that I really want to have a magic party for one of the other girls in the next few years.

By Moore Minutes
By Frosted Memories by Emma
By Three’s a Party
By Moore Minutes



An Art party is a really simple (albeit messy!) theme that works really well for children 4 and up. I am completely in love with these cookies and am definitely saving this idea for Ava’s 5th birthday next year – and yes – those paintbrushes are fondant!! AMAZING!

By Sweetapolita


Isn’t this such a clever idea to make paintbrushes from Rice Krispie Treats?!

By Little Things Creations

Another really clever idea using cake/oreo pops

By Paper and Cake
By Cutest Food
By ilmangi from Cake Central



This is always such a cute party theme – you can do gorgeous things with milk bottles, bandanas etc and there are always heaps of fun party games you can incorporate into this theme

Image by Pluff Mudd Studio
Image by Pluff Mudd Studio
Cowboy cake pops by Kumquat


Circus Theme

This is a pretty popular theme and I have seen some parties that are unbelievable! (think theme park rides, clowns, fortune tellers etc).  But for the average Mum, you can easily find some invitations that look like circus tickets and make some bright coloured sweets and popcorn 🙂

Cake by Design Cakes
Cake by Cakes By Ashley
Cake by Baking Arts
By Spring Lake Cakes
By Monkey Moo Moo Parties
By Meagan Ready

How gorgeous are these mini hotdogs?? Perfect for a circus party!

Tutorial for the buns and packaging from Oh Happy Day



This is a really cute theme – especially great for a young child who can recognise all the animals.

Cookies by Bubble & Sweet, Photo by Katie Takes A Picture, and styling by Ah-Tissue
Cookie by Bubble & Sweet, Photo by Katie Takes A Picture, and styling by Ah-Tissue
Photo by Katie Takes A Picture, and styling by Ah-Tissue
Image from The Babbling Baby
Image by Fab Cakes

Need some more unisex party theme inspiration??

Wow – I wonder where this amazing party came from?
Gruffalo party?! Who was clever enough to put that party together?
My goodness…..such beauty! I’m blown away by the brilliance by one of my favourite bloggers and all-round incredible cake designers 🙂
…I hear what you’re saying…. ‘Not that bloody cake again!!’   😉
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3 Responses to Party Inspiration: My top 5 unisex party themes

  1. Nat Mardon June 9, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    You’re SUCH a dag Bron!! But brilliant all the same!! I was hoping you’d post some more pics of VHC parties!!!! (Not that I don’t have a full Pinterest album already!)

  2. Andrea September 5, 2013 at 11:47 pm #

    thank-you Bronnie for such a wonderful blog and also sharing my Jungle Theme cake 🙂

  3. Kirsten April 3, 2014 at 11:35 pm #

    Amazing job! They all look delicious!


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