Octonaut’s Cake: How to make Tunip the Vegimal

‘What is a Vegimal’ I hear you ask?

yep, I would have asked too! I had a vague idea about the Octonauts… I knew there was a Captain of some sort and someone called Peso and Quasi, but I had no idea who was who 🙂

When I began researching this cake and looking at images on the computer I was surprised (or should I have been?!) to know that all 3 of my kids knew who all the characters were. And yes… there are about 4 more characters that I didn’t include on this cake (including a strange looking one with hair clips!)

I decided to stick to the main ones and also make Tunip because I thought he was so cute. Tunip is a Vegimal (half animal, half vegetable) and until recently, my children thought his name was Tuna 🙂

To start making Tunip, you will need some yellow and blue fondant or gumpaste. If you are using fondant, add a hardening agent so that it will harden once completed.

Roll the blue fondant into a cone shape

Tap the wider part of the cone on your mat to flatten and then set aside to dry for a few minutes.

Roll out your yellow fondant into a ball shape

Attach to the blue fondant using some edible glue or water

Using your thumb, smooth the yellow and blue together to get rid of the seam. Don’t worry about distorting the shape at this stage.

(apologies for the bad photo, but it was hard to take an action shot! I basically worked my thumb from the blue up to the yellow, smoothing it in together)


Gently roll Tunip so that the yellow part returns to a ball shape

Make two small blue tear drops for the feet and then attach the body with some glue or water.

I found it was easiest to put something behind Tunip so that he remained straight whilst drying.

Roll out two teardrop shapes for the arms and flatten them.

Attach to Tunip using some water or edible glue

At this point I inserted half a toothpick into Tunip so that I could stand him up on half a polystyrene ball.

Make sure that after gluing the arms on that you ‘kink them up’ slightly at the bottom (hope that makes sense!)

To make the top of Tunip, roll out some green fondant into a teardrop shape. Also make a small hole at the top of Tunip’s head.

Cut the top into strips and then tidy up the rough edges

Leave the green to dry and using an edible marker, mark on Tunip’s face

Roll out two small white balls and stick them together just above the black mouth. Add a smaller blue ball for the nose.

Stick on the green hair

Using some white food colouring and a very fine paintbrush (or toothpick), mark a small dot on the eye

And that it is! You’ve just completed your first (and probably only) Vegimal 🙂

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3 Responses to Octonaut’s Cake: How to make Tunip the Vegimal

  1. Helen July 3, 2013 at 2:00 am #

    Fantastic! My son is envious that I only found this after his birthday. Thanks for the full how-to.

    • BronnieBakes Admin July 3, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

      No problem Helen! 🙂


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