Birthday Cupcakes

I’ve had an exciting baking week this week with a good friend’s 30th birthday… I’ll be making my first carved 3D cake for the party on Saturday, but the birthday girl’s actual birthday is today, so this is what I made for her!

They look amazing, don’t they?! I wish I could say that I hand modelled everything, but the secret is that I used moulds.

I purchased some moulds from First Impressions about a year ago and couldn’t resist the baking moulds – I thought they’d be great for MY birthday 😉

The birthday girl loves baking and decorating cakes, so these were a perfect match.

I started with the gingerbread men mould and added some light brown fondant.

I then added my marbled brown fondant for the rolling pin, and some white for the cupcakes.

Next step was to add some dark grey fondant for the baking pans

Push it in firmly and then using a sharp knife, carefully trim the excess fondant

Here is the spatula and wooden spoon

Place the moulds in the freezer for 10 minutes and then gently pop them out! Easy. I added a hardening agent to my fondant so that they dried properly overnight.

To make the piece of cake, I started by rolling out some brown and white fondant and then layered them over the top of each other.

Gently cut out your piece of cake and then set aside to dry.

Roll out a thin strip of red fondant for the candle. Roll out a tiny teardrop of yellow fondant for the yellow and gently attach using a tiny amount of water or edible glue

Give the candle 5 mins to harden and then gently stick onto the piece of cake

Here’s a picture of the cupcake mould – I didn’t end up using it because I wasn’t happy with how it turned out (lines on the cupcake tin)

The finished cupcakes!

The teapot is my favourite and I’ll show you a tutorial for making them soon as I’ve decided they will be the Term 2 present for all of the girls’ teachers.

Here are the cupcakes all packaged and ready to go!

The birthday card which Lily made. Ava has just learnt how to write her name, but her ‘A’s are upside down and Lily had to correct it 🙂

The delivery gal!

Happy 30th Birthday Joey!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Birthday Cupcakes

  1. Paula June 14, 2012 at 4:49 am #

    These are adorable! Love those molds and the delightful cupcake toppers you created with them.

  2. Sky-Lee Martin June 16, 2012 at 7:11 am #

    Gorgeous job, how cute are those moulds!

  3. Tammy May 8, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    Stunning! These are fantastic!

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