How to make a fondant fairy

Thankyou to all the suggestions on the facebook page for my ‘Modelling Monday’ tutorial….

I ended up going for a fairy as it had the equal highest votes and I figured that the last few things had been boy-oriented, so it was only fair to turn the tables!

This fairy is certainly not a masterpiece, but I hope it gives you enough inspiration to create something amazing.

How to make a fondant fairy

I ended up making her head twice – the second (and photographed) time her head ended up rounder, instead of a nice egg shape. Also her eyes are uneven and she looks like she’s been indulging in too many cupcakes 🙂 All easy things that you can change!

How to make a fondant fairy

As I was brushing on some silver lustre, I didn’t check my brush and ended up brushing on some leftover red! Hence the red splotch on the right wing.

Here is the tutorial for you!

And the tutorial for the ruffle flower (which you will use this method for the skirt) is here

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