Molly’s 5th Birthday

Molly turned 5 a couple of months ago and she had a joint party at a local traffic school with a friend from Kinder (for those in Melbourne – the Kew Traffic School is the most amazing location for a birthday party!!)


Now, Molly isn’t the girliest of girls and she loves the garden so because she was having a joint party with a boy, we thought we’d do one cake and make the bottom tier more ‘boyish’ with some dirt, mud and bugs and then ‘pretty’ up the cake on the second tier with a rainbow.


I don’t have a tutorial for this cake as I just used a bunch of cutters that I had! The 5 was made using a cookie cutter (I bought one of those big bags of cutters from Kmart) and the sunshine was hand cut. The rainbow was made using my sugar shaper (squeezing out lines of different cutters and then sticking them together and bending them in shape) and I used this amazing tutorial for the clouds from Royal Bakery which I highly recommend.


I used my tappits for the names and a small star cutter in the middle. A plunger leaf cutter was used for the leaves and crushed up chocolate ripple biscuits for the ‘dirt’. The worm was made using circles for the body and then an egg shape for the head, and the snail was made by twisting some medium brown fondant for the shell and the body is a paler shade of fondant which I made into an ‘L’ shape before making the face – similar to what I do for most of my figurines. See here for an example.


For the spider I rolled out two balls of fondant, made a face and legs and stuck them all together with a red circle on the back. The web was simply a round circle of fondant (mixed with tylo so it hardened!) and then I attempted to paint the web by hand.




The cake was a huge hit!!!

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2 Responses to Molly’s 5th Birthday

  1. Kate Lloyd June 25, 2014 at 9:55 am #

    What a fabulous cake!!!! I love that you made it suitable for both kids too. You’re such a talent Bron.

  2. Maritza June 27, 2014 at 1:20 am #

    I love it, especially the idea of the dirt, mud and bugs at the bottom of the cake for the boy.


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