How to make a Camera Cake – Part 1

Hi everyone

I hope life isn’t too crazy in the lead up to Christmas – I cannot believe we are almost in December!

Ava has been watching me make cakes for Lily’s teacher for the last 3 years (see here) and so she was so excited this year that she’d be able to bring in a cake for her wonderful teacher. I had a conversation early on in the year with the teacher where I thought she had mentioned something about loving photography, so the idea of a camera cake had been in my head for a while.

However…during the process of making the cake as I came down with tonsillitis I started to worry about whether she’d actually said that. I had visions of walking into the classroom with a camera cake which had absolutely no significance at all! Anyway… after a bit of Instagram stalking and some reassurance from another teacher I was told that yes, the cake was definitely on the right track. Phew! And so I present to you… the Camera Cake!


Camera Cake Tutorial


Ok yes… there are lumps and bumps all over the cake! However – with all the bells and whistles hopefully I was the only person who noticed them 🙂 You will definitely be able to learn from my mistakes.

Part 1 of this tutorial is about the carving and ganching of the camera – the other parts will be up this week on the blog

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