How to make a M&M cake

Towards the end of October my eldest daughter turned 8 (yikes – where did the┬átime go?!!!) and she had a Pamper Party at The Zen Den (which I highly recommend to anyone in Melbourne).


She had an amazing time with 11 other girls – they were treated to foot spas, manicures, face masks and pampered for an afternoon in a gorgeous Balinese Hut



Lily & i had spotted the M&M illusion cake in our travels and she was keen for me to try it, so I decided to do every version of an M&M cake in one so there were plenty of options for anyone wanting to try it


The cake had M&M figurines…

M&M cake

…and M&M’s secretly hidden inside so that they tumbled out once the cake was cut..

M&M cake

…and it had the illusion of an M&M packet tipping M&M’s over the cake

M&M cake

Thankfully I took photos once I finished the cake because the next morning I woke up to two of the M&M figurines at the bottom of the cake (it was a humid night in Melbourne).

Further disaster struck when my husband was driving me to the party and not taking the slow corner I asked him to take and M&M’s went flying all around his car and then the cake almost slid off the cake stand as I got out of the car!! If it hadn’t been for my girlfriend waiting for me outside the party I think I would have thrown the cake into the gutter. I was well and truly over it!!!!

Nonetheless.. I present to you the M&M cake!
M&M cakeRecipe used see here

If you are making a larger cake than this 6″ and 4″ cake then you will need to add in the proper support. See this tutorial for help!


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