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How to make a M&M cake

Towards the end of October my eldest daughter turned 8 (yikes – where did the time go?!!!) and she had a Pamper Party at The Zen Den (which I highly recommend to anyone in Melbourne). She had an amazing time with 11 other girls – they were treated to foot spas, manicures, face masks and pampered […]

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How to make an Art Cake

It was my daughter’s Kinder teacher’s birthday recently and she loves art/painting so I decided to make an Art-themed cake (excuse the dirty table!!)    

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Ice Cream Lolly cake

I thought I’d write up a tutorial for the ice cream lolly cake I made for Ava’s birthday It was deeeeelicious…. To start with, I’d advise making the decorations in advance so that they have time to dry. I made mine about a week in advance and it meant it was really easy to assemble […]

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Happy Birthday to Me…..

Over the weekend it was my birthday which generally is exciting, however after a week of everyone else in the household being sick, it was not ideal to wake up the day before my birthday unwell 🙁 Unfortunately, it continued for the entire weekend and it’s only today that I feel like getting out of […]

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