Best Beef Shank Substitutes 5 Ideas To Try Next

Meat is used for making mouth-watering delicious recipes like burgers, spicy curry, chillies, roasted meat and many more as the list is unstoppable.

There are various kinds of meat available in the market that come from different animals and we know them with different names.

One of them is beef which comes from cows or steers.

Different cuts of beef come from different parts of the cattle and each one of them has a specific name.

Here, we are talking about the beef shank.

Firstly, what is a beef shank?

Beef shank is tough and muscular meat that comes from the leg section of cows or steers, this part is often used by them regularly during daily activities which makes it muscular and flavourful when cooked.

This part is also known by two different names: ForeShank and Hind Shank.

Remember that beef shank can also be sold as "soup bones" at the store as many local butchers label it like this and not beef shank.

Since beef shank is muscular it requires a slow cooking process, therefore it is typically used for making stews, beef bourguignon, osso bucco and beef stock.

What if you don’t get a beef shank at the shop or want to cook something less muscular? You may be curious about what to try now?

Then here is the solution, we have a list of substitutes that will work great and will be as delicious as the beef shank.

The best beef shank substitutes are beef arm, oxtail, skirt, chuck roast and tendon.

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Beef arm

Like the name, it comes from the shoulder area of the cattle.

This part is frequently used by the cattle making it quite tough which means that it is great for slow cooking.

When slow-cooked it becomes very flavorful and soft due to a good amount of fat present in it.


This part is taken from the tail of the cattle and it is quite expensive too.

If this is under your budget then go for it or else go for the other options on the list.

It is fatty and tastes amazing when cooked properly. It also needs slow cooking and is considered to be a great alternative to the beef shank.

It has a nice texture, deep and rich flavour that can be obtained only when it is slow-cooked.


This part comes from the section below the ribs of the cattle and it is fatty too.

Skirt steak can be replaced in almost every recipe that needs beef shank.

One bonus point for using this steak is that you can cook it slow as well as fast.

It is not a muscle but needs to be cut properly if you want to cook it perfectly.

You have to be very cautious while cutting, if it is not sliced against the grain in thin strips then it will be tough to cook.

Also, you have to be very careful while cooking otherwise, you will get a dry uncooked dish which can spoil your whole mood.

Chuck roast

This cut is very similar to the arm cut as this also comes from the shoulder area or the neck area that makes it quite distinct from the beef arm.

It will be a good replacement for the beef shank.

This part has a very good fat content with muscular meat and when cooked slowly this combination gives a nice beefy flavour.


This part of the cattle has a gelatinous texture and is similar to the pork belly.

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It requires slow cooking and seasoning for making it perfectly cooked.

Once it is tender enough it will get cooked properly.

For better results, you should rinse the beef tendons with cold water and put them in soy sauce.

You should also simmer and cook it for at least four hours.

Are beef shanks and short ribs the same?

No, they both are different and come from different parts of the cattle.

Beef shank comes from the leg section whereas ribs come from brisket, plate, chuck or ribs.

Short ribs are close to the beef shanks but they both are different meat.

You can also substitute silverside, veal shanks and short ribs instead of beef shank. These were not particularly described on the list but they are also good replacements.

The tastiest cut of beef

You may be eagerly waiting to know what the tastiest cut of beef is.

So, the tastiest cut of beef is the rib eyes.

It comes from the rib section, particularly the upper part as it contains a bit of the back muscles as well.

This part is never tough as the cattle rarely uses this part in any of their activities in their entire life.

If you cook it for too long then you are making a mistake as it will make it tough, so be careful while cooking it.

The best way to cook rib eye is quick and hot cooking.

Can you slow cook any cut of beef?

Yes, the best way known to cook beef is by slow cooking. Slow cooking is always an effective method to opt-in for cooking beef.

Well! It depends on you whether you are in a hurry or have much time to perfectly cook your dish.

The more time you give for slow cooking your beef, the tastier it will be.

But always remember that every cut of beef of the cattle cooks differently with different times.

More about beef!

The more you cook the beef it gets tougher and then gradually gets softer and more tender.

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Always try to cook tougher cuts of beef in the low and slow process you will get the best results.

Beef is the culinary name for meat from cows and steers(bullock).

Beef is a rich source of protein and nutrients.

Beef Shank nutritional value

serving per 100 grams provides:

Calories: 201

Fat: 6 g

Cholesterol: 78 mg

Sodium: 64 mg

Potassium: 447 mg

Carbohydrate: 0 g

Fibre: 0 g

Protein: 34 g

Vitamin C: 0%

Iron: 21%

Cobalamin: 63%

Calcium: 3%

Vitamin B-6: 20%

Magnesium: 7%

Beef shank additionally provides you bone marrow which is very nutritious and flavourful. Sometimes, people also purchase beef shank for this reason too.

How should you cook beef shank?

The most important thing you have to invest in while making beef shank is time. Yes! Beef shank takes a lot of time to transform itself from tough and chewy to tender and flavorful.

You can also use a pressure cooker to reduce the time, trust me guys this kitchen utensil helps a lot.

However, when beef shanks are cooked slowly at low temperatures the nutritional benefits come out nicely.

Are beef shanks expensive?

Beef shanks are generally overlooked by everyone for buying, they are not very expensive to purchase. Infact, it is the most prominent choice one can make by selecting this as you will get them in just a few bucks with many nutrients packed which is the bonus point.

Many recipes exist today made with beef shank but the below-listed yummy recipes are must a try:

  1. Beef Shank Osso Bucco
  2. Beef Shank Curry
  3. Stewed Beef Shank
  4. Beef Shank Noodles
  5. Beef Shank Barbacoa
  6. Beef Shank Pochero
  7. Beef Shank with Mushrooms and Cranberry

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