5 Best Extension Cord For Refrigerator

In the kitchen, fridges are one of the most expensive and useful appliances, along with being very expensive. Taking care of equipment like this is very important, as failure in any component will lead to damages.

If the extension cord is faulty, it is one of the main reasons for the failure of the refrigerator. If you want to buy an extension cord for the refrigerator, then you should consider buying the best one. The reason is because there are different types of extension cords and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So, if you want to buy the best extension cord for the refrigerator, you should consider these factors:

1. Length

The first thing that you should consider is the length of the extension cord. If you want to buy the extension cord for the refrigerator, the length should be at least 12 feet long. It is recommended that you buy the extension cord that is longer than the distance between the power outlet and the refrigerator.

2. Power Rating

Another factor that you need to take into consideration when choosing a good extension cord for a fridge is the power rating. You can choose from three options: 15 amps, 20 amps or 30 amps. These ratings indicate how much current your appliance requires. A higher number indicates more amperage which means better performance. However, keep in mind that high-ampere rated extension cords cost more.

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3. Material Quality

You also have to check whether the material quality of the extension cord is up to standard. This includes things such as durability, flexibility, insulation resistance, etc. In addition, make sure that the extension cord does not contain harmful chemicals.

4. Color

Color plays a vital role in determining the overall appearance of the product. Therefore, before purchasing an extension cord for the refrigerator, always ensure that it matches well with other items in the room. Also, avoid using bright colors on dark colored products.

5. Price

Price is another major concern while shopping for an extension cord for the refrigerator. Make sure that you do not spend too much money on something that may break down soon after use. Always go for cheap but reliable extension cords.

5 best electrical extension cord for refrigerator

The Qualihome heavy-duty extension cord

The quality and products that they offer are well known by the community. They always take the user’s convenience into account. It is one of the best cords out there. It is a great option for major appliances.

The grip grooves in the extension cord make it more convenient to connect and disengage it from appliances.

The cord is built with insulation which protects it from damage from rats and other things. It can transfer electricity to up to 125 Volts, and is ideal for major kitchen appliances, like the fridge and air conditioners.

Grounded heavy-duty extension cord

It is a heavy-duty extension cord that can transfer electricity up to 125 Volts. It is perfect for large appliances.

The most attractive part of the cord is the insulation, which is covered in heavy-duty vinyl insulation which makes it waterproof, free from abrasion, and so much more.

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It is very easy to fit in the wall outlet because it is a three-pronged shape which means that the refrigerator gets the right amount of power.

There is a 9-foot cord that is used to transfer electricity to the refrigerator, so it does not get hot, and it does not have any kind of power or voltage drop.

Green Extension Cable

The green cable is an ideal choice for appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and air conditioners, as it is capable of handling high voltage. It is a multi-purpose card that can be used in both indoors and outdoors.

The lifetime warranty offered by the Forge company directly states to us that the product is durable and the quality of the materials used is top-notch. This makes sure customer satisfaction.

It’s also water- resistant as it has a flexible vinyl covering which protects it from water, moisture, and wear and tear.

Along with this, the prongs are reinforced using blades which are supposed to help prevent them from breaking or bending. This is the reason that they are also suitable for outdoor power.

It’s specially produced to carry high voltage without any damage and overheating.

Power GG-25606 Extension Cord

You want to make sure that the safety of you and your family is a priority while shopping for such types of appliances. The safety of this cord is enhanced by the fact that it is visible from a lot of places.

Those who don’t want to spend a lot can benefit from this extension cord. This cord is cheap and is a good fit in your budget.

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The standard length of the cord is 6 feet and this makes it certain that there isn’t any type of drop-in voltage.

The 14 gauge wire with the ETL approval makes it possible for you to take care of the safety of your appliances and ensure that there isn’t any risk of overheating.

The cord is very cheap and features amazing features, which doesn’t compromise on the quality.

Heavy-duty Extension Cord

This extension cord is one of the most convenient options for consumers because of it’s different lengths.

Major appliances that consume high energy can use this heavy-duty extension cord, which comes with 14 gauge and grounded with 3 prong.

The angle plug on the cord allows it to fit in tight spaces. This cord can only be used to power major appliances.

It can transfer energy between 125 and 125 Volts, without getting hot.


Extension cords come in handy when we need to move around our home quickly. They allow us to do things easily and conveniently. We all know how important these appliances are in our homes. We cannot live without them. So, if you’re looking for something reliable, then look no further than this list! These five products will surely meet your needs.

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