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Can You Eat Avocado Skin? (+ Avocado FAQ)

From an early age, we have been taught in science lessons about how fibrous and nutritious a fruit skin or peel is. You must be thinking if it is true for avocados or not. As a person who is fond of avocados, one may want to use all of the avocado’s parts efficiently.

Let us discover what can we do with avocado skins.

Can you eat avocado skin?

Avocado skin is substantially thick and irregular. So it is safe to say avocado skin is inedible. You can eat an avocado skin but it is not worth it. Avocado skin does not harm your skin but it can be toxic for farm animals. Moreover, if you are thinking to do something else with the avocado peel, there is nothing else to do. They are pretty much futile so you can throw them away.

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There are some exotic varieties of avocados that have edible skin but the precise problem is that they are exotic and rare. So why go through so much trouble just for eating the skin that is not going to be remarkable at taste?

Avocado skin is way different from apple skin and pear skin. Is avocado skin lethal? No, but that does not make it edible either. Some fruit skins are meant to be thrown away, and avocado skin happens to be one of them.

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What to do with avocado skin?

It is not much you can do with avocado skin. However, avocado skin does contain some nutritious value. They are rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll. Avocado skin can help with proper digestion and weight moderation. Nevertheless, avocado contains a lot of nutrients and tastes a lot better, so it is not important to preserve the skin.

The best way you can eat the peel is to crush and pulverize it into powdered form. You can also heat it in your oven at a maximum of 120 degrees Celsius. But remember to heat it for a minimal time, as heating also reduces the nutritional value of the peel.

Avocados also contain a lot of pit so you might be wondering if you could eat it as well. Yes, you can eat the pit and it is healthy as well but it is again time-consuming to eat the pit. You can smash the pit into powdered form and then eat the pit. There is also a very marvellous thing you can do with the pit.

If you live in a place where the sunshine is perennial and has an abundance of heat and water, you can also use avocado pits to grow an avocado tree. Avocados grow well in a tropical climate, so if you are hell-bent on eating guacamole without going to the markets and live in the Southern regions, you know how to do so.

Related Questions

How do you peel an avocado?

Peeling the avocado skin through a knife may be difficult and time-consuming if you are not a chef. So I suggest that you better use a spoon to cut the avocado and scoop the skin. In this way, you do not botch the task and cleanup becomes easy.

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But remember to be careful when scraping the avocado skin as many people skin off a perfectly fresh layer of the avocado surface. The creamy part of avocado has a great amount of nutrition so it is best if you refrain from the use of a knife and scrape with a spoon. Also, remember to split your avocados in half as it helps a lot.

Can you eat too much avocado?

Avocados are never enough to do any kind of damage to your skin or health. But you should always limit yourself. Avocado does contain a considerable amount of fats and calories and you would not want fat or a sick belly. A single avocado may contain more than 20 grams of fat.

The worst part is, you may grow tired of eating. So try to restrict yourself to half an avocado every time you eat and savour its taste.

Can your dog eat avocado skin?

Avocado skin is indeed toxic for farm animals but when your dog gets hold of avocado skin, it is highly unlikely to cause any kind of difficulty. They do have a rough texture and a lot of fibre but a small amount does not make your dog morbid.

However, feeding your dog too much with avocado skin may affect its digestion. Take caution of not feeding your dog regularly with avocado skin and if your dog acts funny, call and visit your vet.

Can I store a cut avocado?

Avocados remain fine if you store them overnight. However, in many cases, they may turn brown and are not ideal to eat. If you want a fresh taste of avocado the next morning even if you cut it today, make sure you get it covered so that the part where the cut is made is not exposed to air. Mainly, oxidation is what ruins the fruit.

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You can apply lemon juice to its sides and store them in a tightly sealed jar or container. This way, your avocado will stay green and fresh for longer.

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