Can You Eat Unripe Avocados? Here’s What You Should Know!

Avocados are exotic superfoods that are very expensive. But paying for avocados is worth it as they are also a great source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and healthy fats.

However, if this superfruit is in your budget then you should include them in your daily diet as they have many health benefits.

But guessing whether the avocados are ripe or unripe is quite difficult because an unripe avocado can ripen within just a matter of days depending on the quality of avocados.

So, can you eat them raw?

Imagine you have a bunch of avocados at your home and you just want to eat them up but they are unripe.

Don’t worry, consuming unripe avocado is safe and non-toxic. However, the taste is not that good as they are bitter and the texture is also not as good as the ripe avocados.

Unripe avocados are dangerous for animals like birds, horses and other domestic animals but it is totally safe for humans.

Why aren’t other fruits eaten unripe?

Many fruits are suggested to be eaten ripe as eating some fruits like lychee, berries and ackee raw can cause serious stomach problems.

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But, avocados are not one of them. They won’t harm your body if you eat them unripe.

Infact, the nutritional benefits remain the same.

But there are few things that will trigger you if you go for an unripe avocado:

It is difficult to cut unripe avocado

The texture of unripe avocado is different from ripe avocados.

It is not so pleasant while dealing with unripe avocados.

Unripe avocados have a very tough texture from both inside and outside making it very difficult to cut them using a knife.

You have to be very cautious while cutting them otherwise you will end up cutting your fingers.

Not so pleasant for your tastebuds

If you really want to eat unripe avocados then you can maybe because you just can’t wait for them to ripe. But, let me inform you about its taste when they are unripe, they are bitter and hard as rock.

Whereas, ripe avocados are very creamy, soft and buttery. They are sweet, earthy and grassy, still mild and calming. They can also provide a cooling sensation to your mouth when they are burnt.

Be cautious too!

But always remember that eating too many avocados whether they are ripe or unripe may cause an upset stomach and even diarrhoea due to a large amount of dietary fibre present in them.

But wait, what if you have cut an unripe avocado?

Also, you are not in the mood to eat it like that, now it’s totally a mess right?

Don’t worry there are some ways that you could do to have your unripe avocados without feeling that it has been wasted.

Mix it with ripe avocado

If you are making guacamole at home you can use unripe avocados too.

For those who don’t know what guacamole is then it is a dip/spread made with mashed avocados. It was developed in Mexico.

  • Just mash a few ripe avocados with unripe, use a blender if unripe avocados are extra firm.
  • Then add onion, tomato and seasonings. It’s done.
  • You can also add some hot sauce to the dip. It can hide the taste of unripe avocado very well!
  • It can also give a nice flavour too.
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Add them to your smoothies

You might be wondering, like really in smoothies? As smoothies are sweet made with tasty berries, yoghurt and honey.

But you can also add avocados in the smoothies with some powerful ingredients so that you won’t even notice that you have added any unripe avocado into it.

The combination of sweet ripe banana and avocado will go amazingly.

Banana’s strong flavour can overpower the bitter taste of avocado.

You can also add some dark cocoa powder into your smoothie to give it a good kick of chocolate.

Just fry

This sounds so unhealthy but if you don’t care then you can just choose to fry it up.

Even I think that eating fried things once in a while will not cause any disaster to your body. Just remember you should not consume fried food too often.

However, frying unripe avocados will make them soft and very flavorful that nobody can even recognise that they were unripe.

  • For frying, you just need to slice the unripe avocados.
  • Dip the slices into egg wash and then place the slices into hot oil carefully.
  • After two minutes, flip the slices and cook both the sides until golden brown.

Your fried avocado is ready. Enjoy it with some dipping sauce and season it if you want.

Add it into your soup

This can be another option if you want to add it to your soup.

The bitter taste of unripe avocados can be hidden very well when mixed with some vegetables.

You can add vegetables like carrots, onions, potatoes and celery.

  • Chop all the vegetables along with the unripe avocado.
  • Use boiling water for tossing all the vegetables and unripe avocado until they all become soft.
  • Now, blend all together.
  • Season it and heat with some vegetable stock if you are a vegetarian or else use chicken stock.
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Serve hot!

Trust me nobody can guess that you added unripe avocado in the soup.

Nutritional information of avocado

Servings: 100 grams

Calories: 160

Total Fat: 15 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 7 mg

Potassium: 485 mg

Carbohydrate: 9 g

Dietary fibre: 7 g

Sugar: 0.7 g

Protein: 2 g

Vitamin C: 16%

Iron: 3%

Calcium: 1%

Vitamin B-6: 15%

Magnesium: 7%

Vitamin D: 0%

How to know that the avocado is ripe?

This is quite tricky but few things will work to know whether it is ripe or unripe.

Just press the avocado lightly.

You should not go with very soft skin avocados as they may be overripe.

Go for avocados that have soft skin, but are still firm enough so that your hands and fingers don’t puncture the skin.

How can you store an unripe avocado?

Leave it at room temperature

You have to wait for it to ripen naturally. It may take a few days, approximately 3-4 days, but also depends on the variety of avocado that you are having.

If the avocado looks darker, softer and still firm then it is the signal that it has been ripened and is ready to consume.

Place it near fruits

Some fruits realise a ripening gas known as ethylene. When avocados are kept near or with them this gas eventually helps to speed up the ripening process of unripe avocados.

Apples and bananas are good choices if you want to do this experiment.

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