Can You Freeze Lychee Yes, And Heres How!

Lychees are delicious fruits that are packed full of nutrients and vitamins. They also contain high levels of antioxidants, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their health.

But did you know that lychees can be frozen? In fact, they freeze better than other fruits and vegetables. So if you want to enjoy lychees year round, then you should definitely try freezing them.

Can you freeze lychee?

Yes, you can freeze lychees just like any other fruit or vegetable. But there is a trick to it though: the best way to freeze lychees is by using ice cube trays instead of regular freezer bags. This will help your lychees stay fresh longer because they won’t have as much air in between each piece.

We also recommend to put it with its skin on so that when you take out the cubes from the tray later, you’ll get all the juice inside too. Lychees are very easy to freeze as it takes very few minutes of your time.

How To Freeze Lychees The Right Way?

1) Wash Your Lychees First

Wash your lychees before putting them into the freezer. Make sure you wash off any dirt or debris first. Then pat dry with paper towels. If you don’t clean them properly, bacteria could grow which would make your lychees taste bad after thawing.

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2) Put Them Into Ice Cube Trays Before Freezing

Put your lychees into ice cube trays. We use these ones but you can find similar ones online. It helps keep the pieces together while keeping the juices inside.

3) Place The Tray Inside A Cooler Or Refrigerator For 24 Hours

Place the tray inside a cooler or refrigerator overnight. That way, the temperature stays low enough, allowing the lychees to remain fresh until you’re ready to eat them.

4) Take Out Of The Fridge After 24 Hours

Take the tray out of the fridge once the time has passed. Now you can start enjoying your lychees whenever you’d like. Just remember not to defrost them right away since this may cause the lychees’ texture to become mushy. Instead, let them sit outside the fridge for about 30 minutes before eating.

5) Enjoy Frozen Lychees Anytime

You can now enjoy your lychees anytime. Simply pop one out of the tray and enjoy. Remember to always store them back in the fridge afterwards. Otherwise, they might lose some of their flavor.

6) Store Leftover Cubes In An Airtight Container

If you’ve got leftover cubes, place them in an airtight container such as Tupperware. This keeps them fresher for up to two weeks.

7) Add Some Honey On Top

Honey adds another layer of sweetness to your lychees. Try adding 1/8 cup honey per quart. Mix well and serve immediately.

Freezing the whole lychee

To freeze the entire lychee, thoroughly wash it off to get rid of any dirt or debris. Pat dry with a paper towel. Make sure you remove dirt and any insects trapped in its skin as you don’t want to freeze anything else along with it. Now, once it’s completely dried out, place them in the freezer bag. Once done, seal the bag tightly and leave it at least 12 hours before taking it out. When you open the bag, you’ll see that the lychees look really good. They retain their shape and color even after being frozen. Enjoy your lychee anytime you wish.

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Freezing the fruit flesh alone

This method works great if you only need small amounts of fruits. Cut the lychee in half lengthwise then scoop out the seeds and pulp. Remove the peel carefully without breaking it. Next, cut the flesh into bite-sized chunks. Transfer them into a freezer bag and follow the steps above. Don’t let any air get trapped inside the bag. To avoid this, be careful when sealing the bag. Also, do not overfill the bag otherwise excess moisture will seep through causing the lychees to spoil faster than usual.

How long does lychee last in the freezer?

Lychees are very sensitive to freezing temperatures so we recommend storing them in the freezer no longer than 3 months. However, there is nothing wrong with having them stored for 6 months or more. If you have leftovers from previous batches, just put them in an airtight plastic container and throw them in the freezer. Like any other fruits and vegetable, lychees also degrade in its texture due to prolonged storage. However, we recommend finishing them as soon as possible to keep the nutrients and flavours intact.

What should I use to thaw my lychees?

Thawing lychees isn’t difficult but requires patience. We suggest using cold water instead of hot water because heat causes ice crystals which makes the lychees tough. So, take a bowl filled with lukewarm water and submerge the lychees in it. Let them stay there until all the ice melts. Then drain them and pat dry with kitchen/paper towels.

What happens when you freeze lychees?

When you freeze lychees, they become hard like rock. The reason behind this is that the sugar content gets concentrated during the process. As a result, the sugars turn into crystallized form making them harder. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad though. Just make sure you eat them within three months. After that time period, they start losing their flavour and nutritional value.

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How to eat frozen lychees?

Frozen lychees can be eaten straight away. Simply pop one in your mouth and enjoy it to the fullest. Or, you may choose to add some milk or cream on top of it. This way, you won’t feel too full while eating. Alternatively, you could try mixing them with yogurt or cottage cheese. These combinations go perfectly together.

Do Lychees Freeze Well?

Yes, lychees freeze well. In fact, they freeze better than most fruits and vegetables. That’s why many people prefer buying them fresh rather than canned ones. Frozen lychees taste delicious and nutritious. Plus, they come packed with vitamins and minerals. All these factors contribute towards keeping us healthy.

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