Endive VS Lettuce 4 Differences To Pick Between Them

Endive and lettuce are both leafy green vegetables that are commonly used in salads. They are both low in calories and high in fiber. Both endive and lettuce are mild tasting greens. They are often used in salads because they add a nice crunch to the dish. Both vegetables are also used in sandwiches and wraps.

However, there are differences between these two vegetables that you should consider before making your choice.

Endive VS lettuce

Endive is a type of chicory, while lettuce is a member of the lily family. Both are leafy vegetables, but endive is a bitter vegetable, while lettuce is mild. Endive is usually used in salads, while lettuce is generally eaten raw. Lettuce is a common ingredient in sandwiches, while endive is not. Endive is a good source of vitamin K, while lettuce is a good source of sometimes confused with escarole, another bitter green. Lettuce is mostly water , while endive has more than 50% moisture content. The main difference between endive and lettuce is their texture. While lettuce tends to have a soft, tender texture, endives tend to be firmer. This makes them ideal for salad dressings where crispness is desired.

Endive is bitter, lettuce isn’t

The bitterness of endive comes from its leaves being covered by tiny hairs called trichomes. These hairs contain chemicals which give it an unpleasant taste. When cooked or boiled, this bitterness disappears. On the other hand, lettuce doesn’t have any such chemical compounds on its surface so when cooked or boiled, it retains its pleasant flavor. Endive is bitter because it contains oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is found in many plants, but endive is particularly rich in it. Lettuce is not bitter because it does not contain any oxalic acid. Any lettuce out there is pretty bland. It will provide a satisfactory crunch and green taste.

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There are more varieties of lettuce

If you’re after variety, lettuce is the one for you. There are more varieties of lettuce than there are endives. Don’t you think we are lying? Let’s find out what they are.

The main types of lettuce are:

Boston is the most famous town for butterhead or round lettuce.

loose leaf lettuce – the leaves of the lettuce can be red or green, but they don’t form a head.

A crisphead is a version that is very watery.

Possibly the most common is romaine.

When shopping, there are a lot of different types to choose from. Even if you bought 4 lettuce heads, they all look different and make for a really impressive presentation.

Meanwhile, endives are two different types.

The Belgian endives are pale and packed tightly. The item includes radicchio.

The loose leaf versions of Frisee or escarole are available. The Frisee is ruffled and the Escrole is flatter.

If you pick up any of these, you can expect them to be bitter and should use them less.

Endives are chicory, and different from lettuce

Two plants are just that, they’re two different plants. Endives come under the chicory family. They have a very bitter flavor due to this. As they have more fiber, there is more of a structure and texture as well.

The daisy family produced lettuce, which is grown primarily for leaves. It has been around for a long time, going back to ancient Egypt. It was grown mainly for seeds to produce oil and associated with religious festivals. After the Greeks borrowed the lettuce from the Romans, they continued to grow it.

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Being easy to grow, lettuce became a household staple.

Lettuce is common summer, endives in fall

The growing season is another thing to look at. Lettuce and endives are available year-round in the greenhouses. Their seasons differ. When the first cold snaps occur, endives are cheap.

In summer, lettuce is in season when there’s a lot of sunshine and heat. These plants are very fragile, so they’ll be sold close to where they were harvested. If you reach out to your local farmer community, you can ask if you can buy directly from them for a lower price.

Is endive a lettuce ?

Endive isn’t a lettuce. Lettuce is from the daisy family, while endives are from the chicory family. However, they’re used in the same manner. Both are great in salads and can also be found on grills.

Most of the time, lettuce is used for show and bulking up a salad. It is similar to rocket/arugula in that endives are there to give flavor.

Are endive and chicory the same thing ?

Endives and chicory are not the same thing. They are very similar, but the chicory plant is used for root. It’s a tall herb with blue flowers and leaves similar to arugula. Arugula is one of the closest family members.

It can be found in coffee substitute and is a common food ingredient. Animals usually eat the leaves and stalks of this plant.

Endives are completely different from one another. The way they grow is pretty much what you see at the supermarket. The roots are underground and the leaves are above ground.

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There are places in the world where endive is used to describe the same plant as chicory is. The leaves of the endive are used to make salads.


Both endives and lettuces are good choices. You don’t need to worry about whether they’re right for you. Just know how to prepare them correctly. You may want to try both before making a decision. There are many varieties of each type. This will help you decide which ones work best for you.

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