How Much Potato Salad Per Person? Here’s What To Know

Potato is known for its versatility as it can be used in starters to main course dishes.

This ingredient is so adaptive that you can make spicy dishes, soups, sweets and salads from it.

Potato salad is one of them.

Potato salad with some classic ingredients like hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, chopped red onions and celery tastes like anything.

But how much should you make to serve a whole table?

Potato comes under one of the most popular picnics and holiday dishes and is loved by every age group.

It’s just amazing! very creamy, cheesy and tasty.

  • If you want to serve potato salad as a starter then you can serve about 0.4 pounds of potato salad per person.
  • If you want to serve it as a main dish with some meat or any other dish then you can comfortably serve four pounds or 10 cups for ten people.
  • If you are serving only potato salad with some greens on the side then you can serve 1.5 cups of potato salad per person.

Some people just love potato salad and can eat it up on its own. So, always make some extra amount if you have lunch/dinner with your friends and family who love potato salad a lot.

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Remember it will be a favourite among your guests so always make enough quantity.

What can you serve with potato salad?

Potato salad is a typical picnic or barbecue dish. So, you can add some grilled meats/chicken, grilled corn, grilled bell peppers and summer salad on the side.

How to make your potato salad tastier?

Well! There are several ways that you could make your potato salad more delicious.

It’s always according to individual taste, so suggesting a particular way will not work. So, you can play according to your taste and mood.

But, I will tell you something which I will do to my potato salad to make it even tastier.

  1. Combining anything just with corn makes it even very filling whether it is pizzas, pasta or cheesy toast. Just add some slightly cooked corn with some black pepper and salt. That’s all!
  2. Peas and chickpeas also work the same. Although it’s your choice.
  3. Add some cooked mushrooms and it will make potato salad more nutritious by delivering some protein.
  4. Go for grilled paneer and tofu(if you are a vegan fan) and make it tastier and healthier.
  5. Add boiled eggs to make potato salad creamier and tastier.
  6. If you like cheese then go for it without any worries! Trust me, cheesy potato salad looks so tempting as well as becomes more delicious.

Try to avoid watery veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers. It will make the potato salad’s texture like soup which we don’t want.

  • You should also play with the seasoning ingredients. It doesn’t only change the aroma of any dish but enhances its taste like anything.
  • You can add some chilli flakes, black pepper, cumin, onion and herbs like basil, rosemary and celery. Just sprinkle them around your potato salad.
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If you are one of those who are confused in selecting the good quality potatoes for the potato salad then here is the solution:

You should always go for waxy and firm potatoes like red potatoes, Yukon gold, Anya, yellowfin, Cornish kings, Charlotte, Jersey Royals.

  • These potatoes will give you the best potato salad at the end.
  • The reason why to use only these potatoes is that they can keep themselves in shape and stay firm even after cooking.
  • Also, they don’t take much time to cook. Just add potatoes to the boiling water for about 15-20 min and it’s done. Remember that you will need to drain them 2-3 min sooner as the residual heat helps them to cook a little further.

How to make the perfect potato salad? Here are some tips!

Perfect potato salad is the one that matches your taste area. It’s always you who decides whether the dish is up to the mark or not. You know what you like and dislike. So, make your potato salad according to yourself.

On the contrary, there are some important tips that you have to keep in mind for getting that perfect potato salad.

Always cut the potatoes before boiling – ensures even cooking

If you want your potatoes to be evenly cooked at the same rate then make sure that you cut them before cooking and it is much easier than cutting warm waxy potatoes which stick and cling to the knife when cooked.

Do not mix the potatoes when they are hot!

Always make sure that you wait for some time before dressing the potatoes.

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If you dress hot potatoes with mayo, sauce, vinegar and olive oil it will absorb them faster but won’t look good at the end and we know that we eat with our eyes first.You can dress potato salad according to you, if you like eating them cold then you can even dress them cold.

Ensure that the potatoes are dry before mixing

Always use a strainer to let the water drain out completely. Check that there are no water pockets. Whether you dress the potatoes warm or cold, always ensure that they are dry. Ensuring this helps the potatoes to absorb the dressing and seasoning much better.

Don’t worry that your potatoes can become very dry if this happens then make your filling slightly thicker and it will resolve the problem.

Ensure that your potato salad look at its best

If the food looks tempting then everyone just wants to finish it just after seeing it! So, always try to make your potato salad look delicious and colourful by adding several seasonings and garnishing.

You can add corn, paneer/tofu, chilli flakes, herbs, black pepper, peas, mushrooms. They all are just colourful and will enhance the creamy potato salad perfectly.

How is potato salad a big plus and a healthier option too?

Potatoes are good for our bowel health and they also have a beneficial effect on the whole immune system. So, don’t worry, enjoy your potato salad with all love and joy!

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