How to choose mango? (4 ways to pick)

Do you ever wonder how to choose mangoes?
There’s no doubt that choosing mangoes can be tricky.
Mangoes are delicious fruits that come in different shapes and sizes.
Mangoes are native to tropical regions around the world such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Belize, and even Canada!
In this blogpost I’m going to give you 4 tips on how to choose mangoes.

How to choose mango?

Mango is a tropical fruit that grows in many parts of India, Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a popular fruit because of its sweet taste and juicy flesh. Mango is available year round but peak season is from June to August. In India, mangoes are known as amla or amalaki.

Visual inspection

1. Check if the skin is smooth and shiny. 2. Look for bruises or blemishes.


1. Smell the product. Is it sweet smelling or does it smell sour? 2. Smell the product again after opening the package. Does it still smell sour?

Ataulfo mangoes

Smell is very important because if the fruit smells good, it tastes better. It is not only about the taste but also about the aroma. So, if you buy the fruits from the market, check whether they smell good or bad. If they smell good, then you can go ahead and eat them. But if they smell bad, then throw them away immediately.

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Other FAQs about Mango which you may be interested in.

Mangoes are sweet and juicy fruits that are grown in tropical regions around the world. Mangoes are available year round, but peak season is during summer months. In India, mangoes are called amla meaning sour while in other countries they are known as kesar meaning sweet. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and fiber. They are also low in calories and fat.

Keitt mangoes

Keitt mangoes are the most popular mangoes in India. They are very sweet and juicy. They are also good for making chutneys and pickles.

4 ways to pick a right mango

Mango is a fruit that grows in tropical regions. It is usually round in shape and yellowish in color. Mango is available throughout the year but peak season is from June to August. In India, mangoes are known as "amchur" sweet and "kesar" sour. There are many varieties of mangoes. Here are 4 types of mangoes that you can buy in Indian grocery stores: 1. Alphonso – This is the most common type of mangoes found in Indian grocery stores. It is round in shape and yellow in color. It is soft and sweet in taste.

Haden mangoes

Alphonso mangoes are the most popular mangoes in India. They are round in shape and yellow colored. They are soft and sweet in taste and are very easy to peel. 2. Keitt – This is another popular mango variety found in Indian grocery stores and is round in shape and green in color. It is hard and tart in taste. 3. Kesar – This is a sour mango variety found in Indian groceries. It is round in shaped and red in color. It is sour in taste. 4. Chausa – This is a special variety of mango found only in Kerala. It is round in shapes and white in color. It is very sour in taste.

How to know which variety of mango you need to buy?

Mangoes are available in different varieties. These varieties differ in terms of their size, shape, color, sweetness, flavor, texture, ripeness, and shelf life. Mangoes are available in two types – Alphonso and Keitt. Both these varieties are widely used in South Asian cuisine. 1. Alphonso Mango – This is a round fruit having a diameter of about 5 cm. The skin of this mango is thin and smooth. The flesh is juicy and sweet. It is usually sold in markets during summer season. 2. Keit Mango – This is another round fruit having a diameter between 3.5-4 cm. The skin of keit mango is thick and rough. The flesh is firm and sweet. It is generally available throughout the year.

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Alphonso mangoes are yellowish green in color. They have a mild taste and are very soft. They are mostly used for making pickles and chutneys. Keit mangoes are orange in color. They are highly aromatic and have a rich taste. They are mainly used for making jams, jellies, and sauces. Flavor Answer: Both the varieties of mangoes have similar flavors. However, alphonso mangoes are slightly sweeter than keit mangoes. Texture Answer: The texture of both the varieties of mangoes is similar. However, alphonsos are softer than keits. Ripeness Answer: Mangoes are not ripe until they turn completely black. Once they start turning black, they become fully ripe. Shelf Life Answer: A mango that is fully ripe and stored properly can last upto 6 months.

Francis mangoes

Francis mangoes are yellow in color. They are sweet and juicy. They are mostly used in making jams, jellys, and sauces.

What’s the best way to pick a mango?

To select a ripe mango, squeeze gently around the stem end. It should give slightly. A firm, smooth skin is another sign of maturity. Look for a glossy color and no soft spots. Avoid fruit with bruises or cuts. What is the difference between mangoes and papayas?

How do you know when to pick a mango from the tree?

Yes, but not as fast as if it was left outside. To ripen mangoes faster, place them in a paper bag with banana leaves or newspaper. This helps absorb moisture and speeds up the process.

What are the different ways to cut a mango?

Mango ripens quickly after picking. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. How to store a ripe mango? To store a ripe mango, cut off the stem end and remove any blemishes. Slice the fruit lengthwise into two halves. Remove the pit from each half using a sharp knife. Cut the flesh away from the skin, leaving behind the peel. Place the peeled mango halves in a plastic bag and refrigerate.

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Do Mangoes ripen in the fridge?

Mangoes ripen quickly after picking. However, they can stay good for several days in the refrigerator. How long does a mango last in the fridge? How to store a mango?

What color is a ripe mango?

To choose a ripe mango, check the color of the skin. It should be bright yellow. The flesh should be slightly soft but not mushy. To test if the fruit is ripe, squeeze it gently. If it gives easily, it’s ready to eat. How to peel a mango?

Can mango still ripen after being in the fridge?

There are three main ways to cut a mango. First, slice off the top and bottom of the mango. Next, cut off each side of the mango. Finally, cut the mango into slices.

How do you pick a mango from the tree?

Mangoes are available in many different varieties. Each variety has its own unique characteristics. To determine if a mango is ripe, simply squeeze it gently. A ripe mango will give slightly when squeezed. It should not be hard nor mushy. If you feel any resistance, the fruit is still unripe. Mangoes ripen quickly after picking. Once picked, store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

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