How To Reheat Couscous General Tips And FAQ

Couscous is a grain dish from North Africa and the Middle East. It is usually served as a side dish but can also be used as a main course.

It is generally prepared using semolina flour and water. To make couscous, you simply need to mix the semolina flour with enough cold water to form a paste. This paste is then placed into a bowl and left to stand for about 20 minutes. Afteratted into a bowl and left to rest for about 10 minutes. After resting, the couscous is fluffed up by hand.

Couscous is a delicious North African meal made of small semolina balls that can magically replace rice. Couscous is a versatile side dish that may be served with a variety of vegetables, meats, and seasonings.

Some individuals like to prepare couscous as a meal and then freeze the leftovers. Reheating food, on the other hand, necessitates caution. If you’re wondering how to reheat couscous, here’s all you need to know about how to do it correctly.

How to reheat couscous

Couscous is an excellent source of protein and fiber, making it a perfect addition to any meal. It’s also a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables. However, if you’re looking to add this healthy grain to your family’s diet, there’s one thing you should know before you start cooking: Couscous needs to be cooked twice.

You might think that once you cook couscous, you’re done. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. The first time you cook couscous is to prepare it for serving. After that, you can store it in the fridge for up to three days. However, you’ll want to reheat it before serving. To do this, simply place the uncooked couscous in a bowl and cover it with boiling water. Let it sit for five minutes, then drain it and serve.

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When reheating couscous, make sure it has enough water. Add 1 to 3 tablespoons of water to each cup of leftover couscous. While it’s still cold, give it a little stir before putting it in the microwave on medium.

Allow to warm for 30 seconds, then remove to mix, repeat for another 30 seconds, stir, and so on until the couscous has been rehydrated. Keep in mind that the couscous can burn or dry out in the microwave, so stir every half minute! The goal of reheating couscous is to get a flavor and texture that resembles freshly cooked couscous.

Because of the tiny size of the particles and the high porosity of couscous, it must be reheated to avoid becoming mushy. If your couscous is frozen, the easiest way to thaw it is to sautee it, which improves the flavor and makes it fluffy again. When you sautee couscous, it breaks up the clumps that form as a result of freezing and separates the grains, giving it a wonderful texture.

Steps for reheating couscous in detail

If you’re going to store cooked couscous in the fridge for later reheating, make sure it’s in airtight containers or zip bags.

Keep the couscous in the same container it was stored in while refrigerating it. When you transfer cold couscous from one box or bag to another, it loses its firmness and breaks down, becoming mushy. Because of its porous structure and tiny particle size, couscous has a propensity to absorb liquids and requires careful reheating. Follow these instructions for reheating it:

For every cup of couscous, add up to 3 tablespoons of water.

When you take the couscous out of the fridge, start by mixing it in one tablespoon of water while it is still cold. Notice how the addition of water affects the texture of the couscous. You’ll be able to tell if it needs another tablespoon of water based on the grain texture.

After adding the second tablespoon of water, let it stand at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. This will allow the moisture to penetrate into the couscous and help prevent it from drying out when heated.

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Place the couscous in a microwavable dish and heat on low power for 2½ minutes. Stir well after heating. Repeat steps 4 through 6 two more times, stirring between each step.

Reheating couscous by boiling in a bag

  1. To boil couscous in a bag, follow these steps:
  2. Add up to 3 tablespoons of hot tap water per cup of couscous.
  3. Let the couscous soak for 10 minutes.
  4. Remove any excess liquid using paper towels.

Bring a large pot filled halfway with salted water to a rolling boil over high heat. Place the couscous in an ovenproof mesh strainer placed inside the pan. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and steam the couscous for 15 minutes. Remove the cover or lid and fluff gently with a fork. Serve immediately.

To serve, sprinkle some salt on top of the steamed couscous. It adds extra flavor and helps keep the couscous moist during cooking.

Couscous reheats best when served within 24 hours of being prepared. Once cooled completely, couscous becomes hard and difficult to eat. If you’re using a bag to boil the couscous, use medium or low heat. While there is no set time for reheating the same, paying close attention to the grain texture is the key to getting everything done. Check how the grains turn out after the initial 5 minutes of warming. Allow for appropriate couscous heating while ensuring that the grains are bouncy and elastic. Overcooking the grains will result in a pasty appearance.

Reheating couscous in a frying pan

Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a heavy skillet over medium heat until shimmering. Add half of the couscous; cook, tossing occasionally, about 7 minutes or until golden brown.

Transfer to a bowl. Wipe out the skillet. Heat remaining oil in the skillet over medium heat until just smoking. Return the couscous to the skillet; toss to coat evenly. Cook, turning once, about 8 minutes or until lightly charred around edges and beginning to crisp. Transfer to a serving platter.

A skillet is another option for reheating couscous. To keep the couscous from burning, start by spraying the pan with enough coating to prevent it from burning. Stir the couscous as little as possible. Instead, use the handle to move the granules about in the pan. This ensures that the grains are evenly heated. If you want to stir it, be careful to take extra precautions. Begin at the skillet’s borders and work your way to the middle of the contents. If you mix the grains too much, they will shatter.

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Can you reheat couscous in a microwave?

Yes! You can also reheat couscous in the microwave. Follow this method:

Cook one cup dry couscous according to package directions. Let cool slightly before transferring to a covered container. Microwave on full power for three minutes. Fluff with a fork. Continue to microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring every minute, until the desired temperature has been reached.

If you have leftover cooked couscous, store it in its original packaging in the refrigerator for up to four days. Remove the frozen couscous from the freezer and place it in a microwave-safe dish or container. Place the couscous inside the microwave with 1-2 teaspoons of water. Allow about a minute for the food to heat up before forking and microwaving it again until steam comes from the bowl.

Make care to fluff the couscous with a fork after each minute. Serve the couscous after it is thoroughly heated. It’s important to remember that frozen couscous contains ice, which will melt into water and hydrate the couscous. It’s preferable to add extra water later rather than too much the first time.


The above methods should help you get started. I hope this article helped you understand how to reheat couscous and helped you with all your food curiosities.

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