Instant Pot 3 Quart Vs 6 Quart Which Size Is Better

If you’re looking for an electric pressure cooker, then you’ve probably heard of the Instant Pot. It’s a popular brand of electric pressure cookers that has been around since 2010. The Instant Pot is known for its ease of use and versatility.

If you’re planning to buy it, you will have a hard time figuring out its size. Does the size affect the taste and quality of the food cooked in it? It’s difficult to choose the perfect size because of all the similar questions.

In this article, I’ll compare the features of both sizes and give you my opinion on which size is better.

Instant pot 3 quart vs 6 quart- which is better?

The first thing we need to know about these two models is their capacity. Both are capable of cooking up to six quarts at once but they differ in terms of how many quarts can be stored inside them.

3 quart model: This one holds three quarts of liquid or ingredients. You can store your favorite recipes with less than four cups of water or stock.

6 quart model: This one can hold more than five quarts of liquids or ingredients. If you want to make soups, stews, sauces, etc., then go ahead and get this one.

Now let’s talk about some other differences between the two models.

1) Price

It becomes an important factor to consider when buying kitchen appliances because of the price tag. The Instant pot should be in the right price range and prove to be worth the money. If you decide on a budget, it should fit it without having to compensate for other requirements.

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2) Capacity of People

The most basic comparison you should consider is capacity because you will need different sizes for different numbers of people in your family. This is also correct for other kitchen equipment that you are going to buy. Some have big families while others have small ones. So if you plan to host parties often, then you might want to opt for the bigger version. On the contrary, if you only cook for yourself, then you don’t really care about the number of servings.

3) Safety Features

We can’t neglect the safety risks while cooking in Instant Pots. It’s important to consider the safety measures that provide a more secure cooking environment. It is important to be prepared for any electrical failure in it.

Instant pot 3 quart is a small pot due to which steam creates extreme pressure on the inner surface. You must be very careful while opening the seal of the lid, as it could cause burns to your fingers.

This part of the 6 quart instant pot can be neglected due to its large size and time it takes to generate steam inside the pot. You have to handle it with care and don’t overfill the pot because it could lead to bursting the seal.

Instant pot 3 quart

This is the smallest model that Instant Pots can be, but all others are bigger than this. It can only hold food for one or two people and only performs limited functions while cooking. It is a device that can fit in your budget, as it is suitable in the lower price range.

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Instant pot 6 quart

The 6 quart model has many new functions and has the most recent features to cook food. New recipes can be tried for your whole family, without being concerned about the cooking process. It is a bit high in price and you have to loosen your budget to purchase it due to the technology present.

What are the pros & cons of each?

The main difference between these two sizes is how much food they can hold at once. A larger pot will be able to accommodate more ingredients than a smaller one. This means it’s easier to make large batches in your Instant Pot.

However, when cooking small amounts of food, such as individual servings or single-serving recipes, the smaller pot may work best because it allows you to control the heat level more easily. You won’t have to worry about overcooking something with a bigger pot.

Which size should you buy?

I personally prefer using the 6-quart version of the Instant Pot over the 3-quart model. Here are why:

1) More capacity – With the 6-qt model, you get almost double the capacity compared to the 3-qt model. That means you can prepare twice as many dishes at once! If you like making multiple meals from scratch every week, then having extra space might come in handy.

2) Easier cleanup – When cleaning up after preparing food in the Instant Pot, the 6-qt model makes cleanup so much simpler. There aren’t any parts inside the lid that need to be removed before washing. Just wash everything together and rinse off all excess water.

3) Larger cooking surface area – Another benefit of the 6-qt model is that it comes with a wider surface area. This gives you more room to place different pots and pans while cooking.

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4) Easy access to accessories – In addition to being easy to clean, the 6-qt Instant Pot also offers access to accessories without removing them first. For example, you can remove the inner liner and add other utensils directly into the cavity.

5) Versatile use – While most people think of the Instant Pot as just a slow cooker, it actually does way more than that. Aside from cooking, you can sauté, steam, bake, roast, braise, poach, reheat, defrost, purée, blend, whip cream, whisk eggs, scramble, boil pasta, and even make ice cubes. So whether you’re planning to do some serious cooking or simply enjoy simple side dishes, the 6-qt version of the Instant Pot should fit right in.


If you want to save money on groceries, I would recommend getting the 6-quart model instead of the 3-quart model if possible. The 6-quart model provides enough storage space for 2-3 days worth of dinners, which saves you time and effort by not having to plan out what foods to eat next. However, if you don’t mind spending more money, go ahead and choose the 3-quart model since it’s cheaper and still works great.

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