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Is Cream Cheese Vegetarian? Yes, And Here’s Why

If you are a vegetarian since birth, it is doubtless that you have always acknowledged the contents of a delightful meal before grabbing a bite. But it is genuinely disheartening to learn that even cheese, an ingredient that stays beloved to all vegetarians, are not all veg. Some cheeses that have gained popularity over the decade use a non-vegetarian enzyme.

This brings us to one of the most common creams you might have encountered several times in your life-cream cheese! You must be wondering if not every cheese is vegetarian, what about cream cheese? Read ahead to know more.

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Is cheese cream vegetarian?

This may lighten your heart to hear that cheese cream is vegetarian. It is composed of milk, cream, salt and either carob bean gum or carrageenan as stabilizers in industrial production.

However, you must always watch out for the contents that constitute an industrial cream cheese. The cheese cream now comes in countless flavours and variations, not all of them being vegetarian friendly. Some of these products may contain animal enzymes to enhance the taste. Cream cheese that is added to meat pieces and bacon bits is not vegetarian.

There is a frequently asked question about all the cheeses. Are all of the cheeses veg? If not, which cheese types should vegetarians avoid and all of that. Hang tight and I will cove that for you.

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Are all kinds of cheese veg?

There are more than 2000 types of cheese that exist and sadly a majority of cheeses use animal enzymes. The enzymes are derived from the rennet, the stomach’s inner linings of calves.

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Cheeses like Parmesan and Gorgonzola, which are consumed worldwide, also use rennet in their manufacturing process. These are becoming commoner with each passing day.

A brilliant alternative you can find for rennet is food acid. But food companies have taken into account that rennet is easily available and inexpensive, hence it is widely used. However, if you are making your own recipe for crafting cheese cream at home, you can add acids such as lemon juice and vinegar are an excellent choice for condensing milk.

So always consider checking the label of ingredients before buying off a cream cheese from the market. If it is unlabelled, ask the producer to provide you with details about the product.

Can vegans eat cheese cream?

Supposedly, several people today are turning into vegans giving up dairy and animal products. Woefully, cheese creams are only vegetarian friendly, and a person following a vegan diet cannot consume cheese cream.

But the production companies have upgraded their definition of cheese cream and now have started producing cheese cream which contains ingredients like coconut milk and tapioca. These cheese creams are free of dairy products, gluten, soy or peanuts.

They are also available in exotic flavours. If you were madly in love with cheese cream and decided to turn vegan, this can be your perfect substitute. If purchasing a vegan cheese cream, be careful to check the contents and question the supplier.

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All the vegetarian cheese choices

It is gravely saddening to unearth that some of the best cheeses are made from animal extract. And having discovered this, you might be afraid whether the cheese you prefer today is veg or non-veg. I will run you through some kinds of cheese that use 100% vegetarian ingredients for their production and are just as good.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a fresh white cheese derived from milk with a mild flavouring. Cottage cheese is also used to make paneer, another famous form of cheese, and can be mixed with light cream to form ricotta. This is one of the most widely used cheeses all across the globe. The curds are obtained through the lemon extract.

Paneer Cheese

Paneer cheese, a typical Indian cheese, is derived from milk and lemon extract. The curds are separated by draining and are cut and shaped into blocks. This cheese also has a mild flavour but is very nutritious.

Paneer, for several centuries, has been used in Indian homes where it is given extra flavour by adding gravy and spices. Paneer does not taste like other kinds of cheese in its mildest form but is very fresh and pure. Paneer takes more than 3 hours to form.


Burrata is a certified vegetarian Italian cheese and is preferably made from cow milk Burrata, apart from being fresh and pure, is highly soft, creamy and milky. Burrata is made from a mix of mozzarella and cream. The inside layer of Burrata contains stracciatella giving it the oddball soft texture and the outer layer is formed with solid cheese.

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Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco is originated from Spain. This cheese is the name of every white cheese in Spain which again has a fresh and mild taste and is created using lemon juice or vinegar.

Summing up

One thing to notice is all the kinds of cheese that are authentically vegetarian are all fresh, white and have a mild flavouring of cheese. This is because rennet, along with bringing a change in taste, also changes the colour and texture.

All the popular kinds of cheese, like Parmesan, Mozzarella, Feta and Cheddar, use rennet in their production process. Rennet changes its behaviour and becomes stretchy. Mozzarella uses rennet in its making as it is one of the stretchiest kinds of cheese.

But if you are a vegetarian, you still have access to various kinds of cheese. All you have to do is keep a track of the ingredients used.

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