Lox VS Gravlax What They Are How Theyre Different

The Lox and the Gravlax are two of my favorite salmon dishes. I love them both, but they have very different flavors. The gravlax is a traditional Scandinavian dish that uses salt cured fish to make it taste like smoked salmon.

It’s delicious! But what about the lox? Is it just another name for smoked salmon or something else entirely? Let me tell you all about these wonderful foods in this post.

Lox vs Gravlax

Lox is smoked salmon while gravlax is cured salmon. Both are delicious but lox is usually served cold and gravlax is usually served warm. There are many variations on how each one can be made. For example: some people use only whitefish instead of salmon; others add dill or capers. Some even mix the ingredients together before smoking. So there really isn’t any "right" way to do either recipe.

It’s a great way to preserve salmon meat for months on end when salmon isn’t easy to find. In places where salmon and fish are the main meat on the menu.

Even though it’s easier to store meat for several months nowadays, lox and gravlax are still very popular. Both of them are delicious and gravlax is particularly traditional. People have become fond of them. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

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Lox is a simple, brined salmon

The original form of Lox is brined salmon belly. The word lox is used to describe any part of the salmon that is brined. You can find lox belly, which is labeled as belly meat.

Gravlax is brine with spices and herbs

In Scandinavia, gravlax has been around since ancient times. This type of curing was originally done by placing whole pieces of fresh salmon into barrels filled with seawater. Then the barrel would sit out in the sun until the flesh turned pinkish-red. Afterward, the salmon was removed from the barrel and placed onto racks over open fires. As the heat penetrated through the skin, the fat melted away leaving behind a thin layer of salty, spicy flavor.

What is Nova salmon ?

Nova Salmon is an American brand of smoked salmon. It comes in three varieties: Classic, Cured Wild Alaskan Sockeye and Cured Wild Alaska King Salmon. All of them are 100% wild caught sockeyes and kings. Each variety contains no artificial colors, preservatives or additives.

How does Nova salmon differ from other brands?

Unlike most other brands, Nova salmon doesn’t contain nitrates. Nitrate levels vary depending on the region where the salmon is harvested. If the salmon is farmed then the level will be higher than if it is wild caught. However, because Nova salmon is not processed using chemicals, its quality remains consistent year after year.

Why should I buy Nova salmon?

I’ve tried every kind of smoked salmon available today. And I’m happy to say that none compare to Nova salmon. Not only is it incredibly flavorful, but also extremely affordable. Plus, it tastes better than anything you’ll ever get anywhere else.

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I recommend buying Nova salmon whenever possible. Because it’s so good, you won’t want to miss out on it again.

Where Can I Buy Nova Smoked Salmon?

You can purchase Nova salmon online here. Or visit your local grocery store and ask for it.

If you’d rather order online, check out Amazon.com. Here you can choose between various sizes and flavors.

Is Nova salmon gluten free?

Yes! Although all types of Nova salmon are naturally low in carbohydrates, they don’t contain wheat, barley, rye or oats. Therefore, they are safe for those who suffer from celiac disease.

Can I eat Nova salmon raw?

No. Raw Nova salmon is too soft. To enjoy this delicacy properly, cook it first.

Do I need to refrigerate Nova salmon before eating it?

Unlike many other kinds of fish, Nova salmon isn’t affected by temperature fluctuations. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep it in the fridge right up until serving time.

Is lox raw salmon ?

It is a cured meat like ham or pancetta that starts out as salmon. The amount of salt in the meat prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the meat. The same way beef jerky is considered raw beef, loins could also be considered raw fish.

The end product is cured and does not really look like meat. After being brined and cured like that, we believe it can no longer be considered raw meat. There is the same thing for gravlax and Nova lox.

You can also find salmon that is hot-smoked. lox is a blanket term for processed salmon meat which is smoked as well, despite the name being applied to salmon that is only brined. A good portion of the smoked salmon is hot-smoked to cook it. Nova lox, which is a cold-smoked salmon meat, is the only one.

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Why is lox so expensive ?

Salmon is one of the most expensive fish types you’ll find on the market, just like tuna, because it takes a lot of time to prepare. As the meat is cured, it loses some of its weight because it’s dry.

The heads, tails, fins and everything are used when salmon is smoked. They can’t be used to feed animals due to the high sodium content, as they are salted. So they are thrown away.

It’s a combination of working with a meat that is already expensive to begin with, and using a process that reduces its weight dramatically.

They are a sort of delicacy and you don’t have them everyday, so they are worth the price. Even if it’s in a salad and not on a bagel, we want you to try them.


Nova salmon has become my favorite type of smoked salmon. It doesn’t taste like any other brand I’ve had before. You will love how delicious it is. If you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor and buy some today.

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