Magnalite, the Quintessential Cajun Roasters

Cajun Roasters is a type of coffee maker that uses steam pressure to create a delicious cup of coffee. They were invented in the 1970s and are now used by millions of people around the world.

They are also known as “French Presses” because they were originally designed to make French press coffee. However, today there are many different types of Cajun Roasters available.

Cajun food is a staple in Louisiana. It’s spicy, flavorful, and full of flavor. The flavors are inspired by French and Spanish cooking techniques, and the ingredients used are often imported from other countries.

But there’s another type of cajun cuisine that has been gaining popularity lately. It’s called "cajun roasting." It’s a technique where spices and herbs are roasted until they become fragrant and then added to dishes before serving. Magnalite is a company that specializes in making high-quality cajun roaster blends. They use only the highest quality ingredients and their blends are designed to enhance the flavor of whatever dish you’re preparing.

History of Magnalite Roasters

The first commercial model was introduced in 1975 under the name "Megalite". In 1979 it became popular enough for them to start selling them at retail stores. Since then, they have continued to improve on the design and technology behind these machines. magnalite roaster

Today, they offer several models ranging from single-serve units all the way up to large industrial-sized ones. Their most recent product line includes an espresso machine that allows users to enjoy both hot or cold beverages with ease. The Wagner Manufacturing Company produced the Magnalite brand of cast-aluminum roasters in 1934. Its manufacture ceased in 1996, and no new Magnalite cooking containers are produced now.

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Magnalite roasters used to work as dutch ovens This means that when water boils inside the pot, it creates steam which pushes down into the beans and grounds. When the steam condenses back out, it leaves your coffee tasting fresh and clean.

In 1954, the Cincinnati-based Randall Company purchased the Wagner Manufacturing Company, which was later purchased by Textron, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island. After acquiring the manufacturing rights to the Magnalite brand, Textron began producing its own version of the original Magnalite roaster. These early versions had aluminum bodies instead of stainless steel.

Textron sold off the Magnalite brand in 1995 but kept the production facility open. Today, the factory produces more than 1 million Magnalites per year.

The Magnalite Coffee Maker: What Makes Them Different?

There are two main differences between traditional coffee makers and Magnalites. First, Magnalites don’t require any water to function properly. This means that you can brew your favorite beverage right out of the box without having to wait for the water to boil.

Second, Magnalites come equipped with a built-in filter system so that you won’t need to buy one separately. These features allow you to save money while still enjoying great-tasting coffee every time. Furthermore, Magnalites are easy to clean since they feature removable parts. You simply remove the top section and wash everything else inside using soap and warm water.

How do Magnalites work?

The basic principle behind any good cajun roaster is simple: heat water until it boils, adds ground beans, wait 10 minutes, pours into your mug, drinks! That’s pretty much how everyone works. But what makes Magnalite so special is its unique steaming system. Instead of using boiling water like traditional french presses, Magnalite uses steam instead.

Magnalite Cast Aluminum 15inch 10Quart Oval Covered Roaster -- Continue to  the product at the image link.(This is an Ama… | Roaster, Best chefs knife,  No cook meals

Steam heats faster than boiling water does, which gives you more control over brewing times. And since Magnalite doesn’t rely on boiling water, you can even brew iced coffees if you want.

To get started, simply place the container inside the unit itself and fill it halfway with water. Then put some grounds directly onto the top of the lid. Close the lid and press down firmly. You’ll hear the sound of the steam escaping as soon as the pressure builds up. After about 5 seconds, open the lid and pour yourself a cup of delicious java.

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Do they still make Magnalite pans and pots?

Yes, there are many different sizes available today. They range from small travel mugs to larger commercial size pieces. If you’re looking for something specific, check our selection here.

What kind of coffee should I use with my magnate?

Coffee made with whole bean grinds will give you better results because the oils contained within them help keep the flavor intact during the steeping process. However, if you prefer lighter blends, then decaffeinated coffee may be just fine.

Is Magnalite cookware good?

Absolutely! The quality of the materials used to manufacture Magnalite products ensures years of reliable service. In fact, we’ve been selling Magnalite cookware for decades now and have never received complaints regarding its durability or performance. We recommend cleaning all Magnalite items thoroughly after each use. Use mild dishwashing detergent and rinse well under running tap water.

Do you have to season Magnalite cookware?

No, but seasoning helps prevent rusting in areas where metal meets plastic. To ensure proper seasoning, wipe off excess oil before storing your pan/pot away.

Seasoning also prevents food particles from sticking to the surface of the pot when cooking. When this happens, the food tends to burn rather than brown evenly.

How long does it take to steep Magnalite?

Steep times vary depending on the type of coffee being brewed. For example, espresso takes longer than regular drip coffee. Also, the amount of coffee added affects the length of time required to reach full extraction. Generally speaking though, most people find that their first cups taste best around 30 – 45 minutes after adding the grounds.

Can I put my Magnalite in the oven?

Of course! Just follow these steps: 1) preheat oven to 350 degrees F 2) remove Magnalite from stove 3) turn off oven 4) let stand at room temperature for 15-20 min 5) reinsert Magnalite 6) close door 7) bake for 20 mins 8) enjoy!

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Is Magnalite cookware safe to use?

We guarantee that every piece of Magnalite equipment is 100% BPA-free. This means no harmful chemicals leach into your food while using any of our products. Plus, Magnalite’s high heat-resistant properties mean that you don’t need to worry about accidentally burning yourself.

Are Magnalite products microwaveable?

You betcha! All Magnalite products are designed specifically to withstand extreme temperatures without breaking. So whether you want to reheat leftovers or warm-up cold beverages, Magnalites can handle it all. Simply pop them in the microwave for 10-15 secs until hot enough to drink.

Magnalite Classic 15-Inch Oval Covered Roaster

The classic oval roasting vessel has a large capacity, which makes it ideal for making single servings of coffee. It features an easy pour spout lid so you won’t spill anything as you fill up your cup. And since it comes equipped with a nonstick coating, cleanup is simple.

This product ships directly from the manufacturer; please allow approximately one week for delivery.


– It’s easy to clean

– It’s easy for me to move around in

– I can put my feet up while roasting


– The lid doesn’t fit very well

– The lid is hard to remove

– The lid is not very durable

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I love how versatile Magnalite cajun roasters are. They’re great for baking, steaming, boiling, sautéing, poaching, frying, grilling, microwaving, etc… You name it, they’ll do it. But what really sets Magnalite apart from other brands is its ease of use. With just a few quick moves, you can get everything ready to go.

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