Nutribullet Stuck How To Fix It

Nutribullet has been around for years now. The company claims that their product is the best blender on the market. They also claim that their blenders are the easiest to use.

But there are times when Nutribullet just won’t blend. And when that happens, it can get frustrating.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps to fix Nutribullet stuck.

3 Common reasons for Nutribullet not working:

1. Blender Issues – This includes issues with your motor and blades. If these parts fail, then they need to be replaced. You should always check out our guide about how to replace a Nutribullet Motor first before replacing any other part of your machine.

2. Blade Issues – Sometimes the blade gets clogged or damaged during normal usage. In such cases, cleaning them up may help. But if not, you might have to buy new ones. Check out our guide here.

3. Leakage Issues – Some people say that leaking from the bottom of the container could mean that something inside the container needs to be cleaned. However, we don’t recommend doing so because it’s very hard to clean properly without damaging anything in the process. So instead, try using an airtight sealer like this one.

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So how to fix it?

Simply follow the six steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Remove blender cover

The first thing you need to do if your Nutribullet isn’t blending properly is remove the cover. This should be done before any other step in order to prevent damage to the motor and blades of the machine.

To remove the cover, simply unscrew the nut at the top of the unit. Then lift off the entire cover by pulling up from underneath.

Once removed, make sure all parts are cleaned with warm water or soap. If they aren’t clean, then wash them thoroughly using a dishwasher cycle.

Step 2 – Clean blades & motor

Now we have our cover taken care of, let’s take some time cleaning out those blades and motors inside the Nutribullet.

Start by removing the two screws holding down the bottom plate. Once these are loose, pull the bottom plate away from the rest of the body.

Next, turn over the base so that the back side faces upwards. Now place the blade assembly into the center hole of the base. Make sure both sides of the blade fit snugly into the holes.

Now gently push the blade assembly downwards until it clicks into position. You may want to hold onto one end while pushing the other end down.

Finally, screw the base back together.

Repeat Steps 3-5 for each of the three remaining blades.

If you notice anything unusual about how the blades move, such as uneven movement or sticking, please refer to Step 6 below.

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Step 3 – Replace blade assembly

After completing the previous steps, replace the blade assembly. Start by loosening the four bolts located near the front edge of the base. Next, slide the blade assembly forward slightly.

Then tighten the bolts again. Repeat this process for the next set of bolts. Finally, reattach the base to the main body of the Nutribullet.

Step 4 – Check for clogs in filter

After replacing the blade assembly, check the filter screen for clogging. There could be something caught between the mesh of the screen and the blades.

You might try shaking the container vigorously to dislodge whatever is causing the problem. Or you can run hot tap water directly into the container to see what comes out.

If nothing appears after several minutes, repeat the above procedure.

Step 5 – Reassemble base plate

Before putting everything back together, ensure that the base plates are aligned correctly. First loosen the six bolts located along the outer edges of the base.

Slide the base plate towards the middle of the container. Tighten the bolts once more.

Step 6 – Inspect the bottom of container

While inspecting the bottom of the container, look for signs of wear on the plastic housing. Also inspect the rubber gasket around the opening where food enters the blender.

What is Nutribullet?

A Nutribullet is an innovative kitchen appliance designed to help people achieve optimal health through nutrition. With its patented technology, users enjoy delicious smoothies made entirely without ice cubes!

How to avoid Nutribullet activators getting stuck?

The main reason activators get stuck is the leaking of juices, smoothies or soups. It is very easy to avoid this. Take good care when you load your ingredients into your cup or jug.

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Place your cap on the cup, and it will spin as it closes. You want to twist the stop just a little to lock it. You will hear a sound when you twist it.

The sound indicates that it has been locked up. The leaking usually happens because of twisting beyond that. Go swoosh, spin and twist and you’re good to go.

How does it work?

Simply add fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, protein powders, herbs, spices, and healthy oils to the NutriBullet®, press “start”, and watch as the powerful NutriBlend™ system pulverizes ingredients into a rich liquid meal. This nutritious drink will keep your family hydrated all day long with no added sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners.

The NutriBullet® also features a built-in grinder which allows users to grind their own fresh produce right within the machine. Simply load up the included grinding jar and let the NutriBullet® do the rest.

Can the Nutribullet blender crush ice?

Yes, but only if you use the Ice Crush feature. Pressing the button at the top of the unit turns off the motor and activates the crushing mechanism. When finished, simply remove the crushed ice from the container using the provided scoop.

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