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Pomelo Varities- Exploring the exotic citrus

Pomelo is an citrus fruit which is Asian in origin belongs to Family Rutaceae. It is the largest fruit among all other citrus variety. It is derived from the Dutch pompelmoes.

The botanical name of pomelo is Citrus maximus which means “biggest citrus”.

Like the meaning of their scientific name, they are relatively large in size and tear-drop shaped. They have a thick, pale rind and has green or yellow flesh. It can grow up to the size of a cantaloupe.

They have large leaves and flowers with 3-7 cm in diameter. Flowers have cream colored petals. The average height of trees are 5 to 15 meter tall.


Pomelo is also called as Pummelo, Shaddock, Shaddick, Pamplemousse. It is an tropical fruit which grows in tropical and near-tropical climates. It prefers hot and humid climate conditions for an optimal growth.

Where are pomelo grown ?

These are exotic fruits which grows primarily in Southeast Asia, in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Southern China, Fiji, Philippines. They are also grown in Mediterranean, tropical America and Australia.

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Different varieties of pomelo

There are two varieties based on their taste and pulp colour :

  • sweet kind with white flesh
  • sour kind with pinkish flesh

The three non- hybrids of pomelo are,

  • Tahitian
  • African Shaddock
  • Red Shaddock – has red color and many seeds with irregular shape.

And few other hybrid varieties are :

  • Hirada Buntan – most commercial fruit among all Japanese fruits
  • Liang Ping Yau – large fruit among pomelo and looks like a pyramid shape.
  • Pandan Wangi – has a thick rind and a meaty pith in color.
  • Pink Pumelo – has a bright skin and a juicy squash.
  • Reinking
  • Melogold is a cross between Siamese sweet pomelo and White grapefruit.
  • Cocktail is a cross between Siamese sweet pomelo and Mandarin orange.
  • Chandler is a cross between Siamese sweet pomelo and Siamese pink pomelo.
  • Orblanco
  • Valentine is a cross between Siamese sweet pomelo and a hybrid of Mandarin and a Blood orange. It got its name because, it matures around Valentine’s day and resembles a heart when you cut.

Each variety has its own taste and differs from the rest.

What does pomelo taste like ?

The flesh of pomelo taste like a mild grapefruit, with a little bitterness. It has a sweet, tangy and slightly bitter flavour. The outer enveloping membranes which surrounds the flesh are chewy, bitter and inedible.

Pomelo contains large seeds and some varieties have larger number seeds.


Is pomelo and grapefruit are same ?

Pomelo can be similar in appearance to grapefruit,but they are not same. Actually, they are relatives!

Pomelo is an natural, non-hybrid citrus fruit, while grapefruit is an hybrid between the oranges and pomelo.

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You have noticed the tarty flavour in the grapefruit along with sweetness. Meanwhile the pomelo are sweeter and don’t carry much tangy and bitterly flavour like grapefruit.

Are they rich in nutrients ?

Pomelo is an abundant source of potassium, copper, riboflavin ( that’s Vitamin B2 ). It has high level of fiber, vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Aids in digestion.

Helps us to maintain a healthy weight.

They are rich in antioxidants.

Supports our heart by reducing cholesterol and triglycerides in our blood.

Boosts our immune system.

Helps in regulation of fluid balance and blood pressure.

Has anti-ageing properties.

Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties.

Used for medicinal purposes like soothing chronic coughing and epileptic attacks.

Uses of Pomelo

Do you know that other than eating, pomelo also gives you solution to your beauty problems.

People in Asian countries like Philippines use pomelo flowers to make perfume due to its aromatic scent.

  1. Supports hair growth
  2. Eradicates dandruff woes
  3. Remedy for Gum damage
  4. Prevents cold and flu
  5. Boosts the synthesis of collagen
  6. Slows down ageing process
  7. Helps to get rid of acne, scars and dark spot on skin and gives you a vibrant, youthful and soft skin.

Pomelo is an exotic fruit since they are not native and are cultivated outside, available at their place of origin. It is a highly nutritious, low in calories fruit and can be used in salads too.

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