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Raisin Substitutes-7 Chewy and Flavorful Ideas

I still remember my childhood days when my mom and granny used to make raisins recipes for me.My mom and I just love oatmeal cookies. My mom used to add raisins and some sort of dry fruits like cashews, almonds,figs, etc. to enhance the taste of the cookies.

Packed with essential antioxidants , minerals and vitamins, raisins not only enhance the taste,but also make cookies much healthier.Not only in cookies,people often use them in pudding, ice-cream,salted and mixed snacks,etc.

What are raisins?

Raisins are made up of grapes.Grapes have been sun-dried until all the moisture of grapes dried out completely.Raisins are really sweet in taste. People use raisins as snacks,for baking cookies,for making pudding, for enhancing the texture of milkshakes, etc.

Why are raisins used in making cookies ?

My mom always adds some extra things in cakes,cookies, milkshakes for enhancing their taste.There is nothing like if you are adding raisins, your cookies will taste bad.

It is a human tendency to make some extra effort when it comes to cooking.Raisins are kind of chewy which make cookies taste delicious.

Without raisins cookies still taste good but for that great texture raisins works wonder.Not just in batter of cookies ,you can also add raisins during garnishing.

What happens when you run out of raisins?

Sometimes we just forget some ingredients, and we get to know about that in the middle of making dishes. Raisins give a burst of sweetness and a chewy consistency to your favourite oatmeal cookies.My granny don’t like eating raisins ,so my mom always use a substitute of raisins when she is preparing something for granny.Now,I am going to tell you what you can use instead of raisins without worsening the flavour of your favourite dish.

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Best raisin substitutes

The best raisins substitutes are dried fruit, cherries,sprinkles,dried apricots,pitted dates,dried zante grapes,dried cranberries,muscat raisins,dried pineapple etc.

We add raisins in cookies to add chewy taste and sweetness.We can use some dry fruits like dry dates, dry pineapples etc. because they are sort of chewy and sweet in nature.

This not only works for your cookie batter,you can also add them to milkshakes, pudding, and dishes to get that consistency and sweet burst taste.

I am kind of biased toward dried pineapple and cherries because they are definitely the best fruits ever.

Let’s see what we can use instead of raisins in our dishes.

Dried Cranberries

If you don’t like raisins at all,you can use dried cranberries but remember to use sweet and chewy dried cranberries.Dried cranberries and raisins are almost same in sizes.You can either cut them or you can use it the way it is.They give extra flavour to your cookies and a great substitute for those people who don’t like raisins in their cookies.

Dried pineapple pieces

I have said that I am biased towards pineapple and I am sticking to it for life.Dried pineapples are totally my things.Don’t over dry them as it may affect its taste.Pineapples are fibrous in nature ,so try to cut them in small pieces.Dried pineapple add a mild sour and sweet taste to your dish.Try it.


Adding some finely chopped nuts like walnuts, cashews, almonds,fig can make your cookies extra interesting and they add more nutrition to your chocolate cookies too.

All you need to do is take some dry fruits like cashews, figs, and almonds.Finely chopped them and when your cookie batter is ready , garnish your cookies with some finely chopped nuts and add them in your batter too.

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It adds taste and nutrition to your cookies.

Dried currants

Dried currants are small tiny pieces that can make your cookies really come alive. They are small in comparison to grapes.Dried currants get very sweet when dried.You can add them in cookies and because of its small size sometimes the person who is eating cookies does not even realize its existence but realizes only its taste.

Dried cherries

Everyone loves cherries as a fruit but have you ever thought of using it as a substitute for raisins?

If someone doesn’t like raisins , cherries work as a great substitute.It has more flavour than raisins.The fruity scent adds aroma and flavor to your cookies.


There is nothing as chewy as dates.They are very nutritious with high sugar.Eating dates promote brain health.They are a rich source of iron and fiber.They work as a natural sweetener.

Dates are a great substitute for dark raisins.Finely chop them and try to decrease the amount of sugar in your cookie’s batter because dates add natural sweet to your cookies.


They are dried seedless grapes also known as golden raisins.They are a good substitute for raisins because they are made up of seedless grapes.

Sultanas are tiny in comparison to raisins and have great sweet burst taste.They are a rich source of fiber, protein,iron, potassium and vitamin K.It offers the same health benefit like raisins.It makes your baked goods taste even tastier.

Don’t forget to soak your dry fruits

Steps for using dry – fruits in baked goods.

  • Wash your dry – fruits with normal plain water.
  • Take 2 cups of plain water.It would be better if the water is slightly lukewarm.
  • Add your dry – fruits in lukewarm water for one- hour.
  • Now, strain the water and finely chop them.
  • Now,you can use these dry fruits in batter and also as a garnishing agent.
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Tips for perfect chewy cookies

  • Use the right clean flour.
  • Use unsalted butter.
  • Beat the eggs properly.
  • Choose the best quality chocolates.
  • The longer you allow your cookies batter to rest, the tastier and chewier your chocolate cookies will be.
  • For cakey cookies add less sugar and butter.
  • Use baking powder instead of baking soda because baking soda is quite strong.
  • Garnish them with pine nuts like dry apricots,cashews and almonds.

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