Are onions high in sugars?

Do you think eating onions could cause diabetes? Onions contain carbohydrates, but not enough to raise blood sugar levels. However, if you eat too much onion at once, it can cause stomach upset. Onion contains a compound called quercetin, which has been explainn to reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity. Are onions high in sugars?…

Are onions spicy?

Do you ever wonder if something tastes better because it’s hot? Or maybe you think that certain foods taste better after being cooked? There are a number of reasons why food tastes different depending on whether it has been cooked or raw. In this article I’ll explain you how cooking affects the flavor of food….

Are onions and garlic related?

Do you think onions and garlic are related? If you answered yes, then you might want to read this blog post! Onions and garlic are both members of the onion family. Both vegetables contain sulfur compounds that give them their characteristic pungent smell. Onions and garlic are closely related but there are differences between each…

Are onions acidic?

Do you think onions are acidic? If so, you might want to rethink eating them. Onions are often used to add flavor to dishes. However, there are those who believe that onions are acidic and should be avoided. I’m going to explain you why onions aren’t really acidic at all. In fact, they are alkaline….