What Are The Best Potatoes For French Fries

Potatoes are an essential part of any meal. They add flavor, texture and nutrition to dishes. However, there are different types of potatoes that are used for different purposes. Some are better suited for baking while others are better for french fries. So, you should know what potatoes will be good for making french fries. Here’s what we have.

Best potatoes for french fries

1) Russet Potato: This is the most common potato in America. It has a smooth skin with white flesh. You can use this type of potato when making baked or mashed potatoes. But it does not make very crispy french fries.

2) Red Bliss Potato: These red-skinned potatoes are also called russets because they look like russets from Russia. Their skins are thin which makes them perfect for frying. If you want your french fry to be crunchy then these would be great for you.

3) Yukon Gold Potato: This is another popular variety of potato. Its name comes from Canada where it was first grown. It looks similar to other yellow potatoes but its taste is sweeter than regular ones.

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The worst potatoes are waxy. Red potatoes, fingerling, and new potatoes are included. They’re high in water, which will make them hollow when fried. Waxy potatoes include; Kennebecs, Purple Peruvians, Rose Finnels, and Idaho Reds.

Why is it called french fries ?

French fries were originally made by cutting up large pieces of raw potatoes into long strips. Then they were deep fried until golden brown. Today, many people prefer frozen french fries over fresh ones. Frozen french fries come already cut into small chips. And they are usually cooked at lower temperatures so they don’t get soggy.

French fries are finger food. These can be very easy to make. If you want french fries to be good, then you have to use potatoes that are of the highest quality.

Some potatoes make better french fries than others. I am talking about the quality of potatoes.

There was a need for potatoes which were larger in size and had less water. In order to develop the seed for a potato, it was necessary to live in a cold climate. The best area for growing potatoes was north Gujarat, which is where French Fries are made.

Difference in Russet Burbank potatoes and other potatoes

Russet Burbanks are one of the oldest varieties of potatoes. They originated in England around 1845. There are two main differences between Russet Burbanks and other potatoes. First, their color is darker than other potatoes. Second, they grow much bigger than other potatoes.

How do you choose the right kind of potato for french fries?

You must consider several factors before choosing the right kind of potato. One factor is how big the potato needs to be. Another important thing is whether the potato tastes sweet or bitter. A third consideration is if the potato is firm enough to hold together during cooking. Finally, you should check out the nutritional value of the potato.

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If you buy potatoes online, you may find yourself confused on what kinds of potatoes to pick. To help you decide, here are some tips.

First, you should always go for organic potatoes. Organic potatoes contain more nutrients than non-organic ones. You’ll also notice that there’s no pesticide residue on an organically produced potato.

Second, you should avoid any potatoes with green spots. Green spots indicate that the potato has been exposed to light too often. That means that the potato wasn’t stored properly.

Third, you should try to purchase potatoes that aren’t bruised. Bruised potatoes tend to absorb oil faster. So, this could affect the flavor of your french fries.

Fourth, look for potatoes that feel heavy for their size. This indicates that the potato contains fewer air pockets inside. Air pockets cause the potato to become soft after being boiled.

Fifth, you should look for potatoes that smell like onions. Onions give off sulfur compounds. Those compounds turn into sulfurous gases when heated. Sulfuric gas causes the surface of the potato to darken. It makes the potato taste bad.

What type of oil can you use in french fries?

The most common oils used in making french fries are vegetable oil and peanut oil. Vegetable oil gives french fries a crispy texture while peanut oil adds a nutty aroma. However, both types of oil will work well as long as you cook them correctly.

When frying french fries, you should first heat the oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, add the french fries to the hot oil. After 2 minutes, remove the fries from the oil using tongs. Then drain the excess oil by placing the fries on paper towels. Repeat these steps until all the fries have been fried.

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When frying french fries, make sure not to overcrowd the fryer. If you don’t allow space for the steam to escape, then the fries won’t get cooked evenly. Also, keep the temperature at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower than that might result in soggy fries.

Can you freeze french fries?

Yes! Freezing doesn’t change the quality of french fries. In fact, freezing actually improves the crispness of french fries. Just place the frozen french fries directly onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake them for 10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the baked french fries from the oven and let cool completely. Once cooled, transfer the french fries to freezer bags. Freeze them for up to 3 months. Thaw the french fries overnight in the refrigerator.

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