What does adding an extra egg to cookies do?

Ingredients used for moistening of cookies

Ingredients used for moistening of Cookies are Sugar, Milk, Egg Yolk, Butter, Flour, Baking Powder, Salt, Vanilla Extracts, Chocolate Chips, Cocoa Powder, Nuts, Raisins, Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts, Pistachios, Coconut, and many others.

Whether we should use butter or oil with cookies

Cookies are usually made using butter, but if you want to bake them healthier, you can use oil instead. Butter contains saturated fat, which is unhealthy. Oil does not contain any saturated fats, but it does contain trans fats. Trans fats are found in fried foods, fast foods, and processed foods. It is important to avoid these types of fats because they can raise bad cholesterol levels.

What can we use instead of eggs in cookies?

Eggs are used in many baked goods such as cookies, cakes, breads, muffins, pancakes, waffles, and other desserts. But if you are looking for something different, you can replace eggs with flax seeds. Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and protein. It helps in reducing cholesterol levels and improves digestion.

What does adding an extra egg to cookies do?

Adding an extra egg to cookies helps to bind the dough together. It gives the cookie a nice chewy texture.

Things to do if cookies are not chewy

If you bake cookies and they are not chewy, you could try baking them longer. For instance, if you baked them for 10 minutes instead of 8, they would be chewy. Also, if you used a different type of flour such as whole wheat flour, they would be chewier.

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