What Does Durian Smell Like Heres What We Found Out

Durian is a fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. It is known for its strong odor and taste. It is usually eaten raw but sometimes cooked. The smell of durians can be described as "sour, sweet, musky."

Durian is a fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. It is known for its smell and taste. It is not edible but is used as a natural fertilizer.

The most common way to eat it is by cutting the flesh off the shell with your teeth or using an ax. Then you would have to peel away the skin from the inside out. Once peeled, you could either chew on the meat or just swallow it whole. Durians. Even though they taste wonderful, most people avoid them because of the bad smell. If you’ve never tried this prickly, perplexing fruit, you might be wondering as to what it smells like. And why is it that everyone is so taken with it, whether in a good or terrible way?

So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today, and maybe you’ll receive all the answers you need. We’ll find out what durians smell like if everyone agrees on the smell, and how to choose a good durian to sample for yourself.

What is the smell of durian?

The scent of durian fruit is best characterized as onions, decaying flesh, rancid cheese, and something that smells like gasoline.

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A prominent culinary writer characterized it as "turpentine with onions, garnished with a gym sock" (Richard Sterling). There’s something about the scent of a durian that makes people want to avoid it. It’s so terrible that you can’t take a durian on public transportation or stay at a hotel in Singapore!

It’s not only the stench, as seen by the many smelly notes. It has to do with the intensity of the odor. If you’re on an aircraft, it made it all the way inside the pilot’s cabin.

Why does durian have such a foul odor?

Science has actually figured out why durian fruit smells so awful. As the durian ripens, it releases a chemical component called ethanethiol, which grows stronger and stronger.

Ethanethiol is made up of a variety of compounds that give other foods their distinctive aroma. The research was able to separate all of the components that make up the potent odor. It turns out that durian’s strong fragrance is the result of 50 distinct chemicals, not just one. There’s the scent of leeks, onions, rubber, burnt food, honey, and a whole lot more. In brief, durian stinks because it’s made up of a variety of different odors.

There are two main reasons why durian smells so awful: 1) Its odorous compounds 2) How much time passes before the fruits ripen.

1.) Odor-causing Compounds

When you cut open a durian, there will be a lot of liquid coming out. This is called sap. The sap contains enzymes that break down proteins into amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. So when you bite into a durian, these enzymes start breaking down the proteins in your mouth. These proteins then go through further breakdown until eventually, they become ammonia gas. Ammonia is one of the components responsible for making durian stink.

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2.) Ripening Time

When durian fruits begin to mature, their seeds also develop. Seeds contain high levels of sulfuric acid. As soon as the seed begins to germinate, the sulfuric acid starts producing hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide is another compound that contributes to the foul smell of durian.

Does durian smell bad to everyone?

The strong smell of durian fruit does not bother some individuals. Those who have grown up eating durian or are in some way acclimated to strong odors are usually Thai people.

Durian, like other strong-smelling foods, takes some getting accustomed to. In the West, for example, eggs, salmon, broccoli, and even some excellent and smelly cheese are all things that go unnoticed.

For durian-loving countries, the situation is similar. Don’t get us wrong: we don’t think durians have a particularly pungent odor. It’s simply that after you’ve lived with something for a long time, you don’t notice it as much and it doesn’t annoy you as much.

Here are some things to know before trying durian

1) You should only buy fresh durians. They will look green when ripe, which means they are ready to pick. This also means that they won’t ripen after being picked. So don’t wait until the last minute!

2) Don’t try eating durian straight from the tree. That’s where the smell comes from. Instead, take it home and wash it first.

3) Make sure you get a really big one. A small durian has less flavor than a large one. Also, make sure there aren’t any holes in the husk. This means that the fruit was already rotten at harvest time.

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4) When buying durians, check their size carefully. Look for ones that weigh between 2-5 kilograms. Anything smaller isn’t worth picking.

5) To clean the durian, cut open the top half of the husk. Remove the seeds and then rinse under running water.

6) Now you can start peeling the outer layer of the durian. Peel back the layers slowly, starting from the outside. Be careful not to tear the skin too much.

7) After removing the outermost layer, use a spoon to scoop out the soft pulp. Put it into a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap.

8 ) Wait 24 hours before tasting it. During this period, the durian will ferment naturally.

9) Finally, enjoy your durian!


So what do you think about durian? Do you love its unique aroma? Or would you rather eat an apple instead? I hope this article was useful and it solved all your food curiosities.

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