What Does Mangosteen Taste Like What We Found

Mangosteen is a tropical fresh fruit that grows in Southeast Asia and Australia. It is also known as mangosteen, mangosteeni, mangosteeno, mangosweet, and xiang jiao.

Mangosteen is a rich source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, and other nutrients. It is also used as a natural remedy for diabetes, fever, coughs, colds, and stomach aches. In this article we will discuss what does mangosteen taste like, how to eat it, where you can buy it, and more!

Do you want to know what a mangosteen tastes like? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Because this is a very uncommon fruit outside of Southeast Asia, many people are unfamiliar with its flavor. Fortunately, we discovered what mangosteens taste like so that you can as well. This way, the next time you see it at the market, you’ll know if it’s worth the 8-15 bucks.

What is a mangosteen?

Mangosteen is an evergreen plant with large leaves and small white flowers. The fruits are round or oval-shaped and grow on long stalks from the center of the trunk. They look similar to mangoes but they are much smaller than regular mangoes.

Single mangosteen contains up to 10 seeds that ripen into edible flesh after about 3 months. When ripe, the skin turns yellowish-brown and soft.

Mangosteen is really a fruit native to Southeast Asia, mostly Thailand, known as Garcinia Mangostana in Latin. The mangosteen is therefore a tropical fruit that requires a lot of moisture and rain to thrive. This small heavy fruit forms with glossy and aromatic leaves on all the branches of tropical evergreen trees! The purple, rose mangosteen, along with many other tropical trees and shrubs like the cashew, and, you guess, the mango, is part of the Mangifera genus!

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Even though they are extremely remote cousins, the flavor and texture of mango and mangosteen are distinct.

What is the taste of mangosteen?

The flavor of mangosteen is sweet, sour, tangy, and slightly bitter. There are two main varieties: Purple and Rose.

The delicious tropical flavor of mangoes appears to be a mix of numerous fruits. The most popular descriptions include notes of citrus, bananas, peach, and lychee. Mangosteens are sweet and delicious fruits that are difficult to come by outside of Southeast Asia. Most people consider this little yet lovely fruit to be highly delicious. Because of its alleged biggest fan, Queen Victoria of England, the mangosteen is sometimes referred to as "The Queen of Fruits." Don’t panic; the mangosteen has no resemblance to the king of fruits, the Durian.

Surprisingly, mangosteens aren’t typically compared to mangosteens in terms of flavor. Nonetheless, they are sometimes characterized as being extremely sweet, almost unnaturally so, which explains why it is occasionally used to produce a sweet, syrupy syrup.

Mangosteens, like lime, lemon, or orange, are known to are quite acidic and sour. If you drew an open, the mangosteen may even seem like citrus fruits. It has soft, sections of pulp that is made of delicious fruit, much like an orange one. In every wedge, there are also seeds and they can be quite bitter while they are edible.

Is the flavor of unripe mangosteen different?

Yes, when mangosteens are still green, their flavor isn’t nearly as strong. It’s also less tart and sweeter. However, once they’re fully ripe, the sweetness increases dramatically.

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So don’t worry if your mangosteen doesn’t seem particularly tasty at first glance – just wait until it gets closer to full maturity before trying it. Unripe mangoes have a somewhat distinct flavor like other fruits.

Now it is rather a pricey fruit, and you probably want to wait before you spend the money on it, till you transform your unripe, yellow shell into a lovely shade of polka-dotted maroon.

If you’re still curious about the taste, it’s definitely a pretty ‘green’ taste. It might taste quite plenty and the sugars probably did not sufficiently mature.

Does mangosteen taste different if frozen?

Mangosteens do freeze well but should only be stored for short periods of time. They will lose some of their freshness after freezing. Frozen mangosteens tend to become mushier than those kept at room temperature. This means that they won’t keep as long either.

Don’t try to freeze your mangosteen, regardless of what you do. You could assume that you can freeze it and eat it later on, like with other meals. But we beseech you, don’t even think to put this small big pouch in your freezer. Don’t even put it in your refrigerator for that matter. Your valuable mangosteen will be badly damaged if it is frozen. It will not only easily be bleached and utterly destroyed inside the texture when thawed, but it will completely change its mangosteen flavor.

Why is mangosteen so costly?

Mangosteens are tropical fruit that grows on trees in Southeast Asia. They’re also called "fruit queens" or "fruit kings." The mangosteen fruit is one of the greatest sources of vitamin C due to its strong antioxidant content. Fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, and manganese are all rich in this fruit.

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Isn’t the mangosteen one of the most difficult fruits to grow on the planet? Yes, this is the reason for its exorbitant pricing. Mangosteen trees thrive in moist, rainy soil, high heights, and lots of sunlight. It doesn’t grow fast or bear fruit soon. It has a slow yield and, as lovely as it is, requires frequent maintenance.


The mangosteen is a wonderful fruit that tastes great! If you’ve never tried them before, now would be the perfect opportunity to give them a go. Just remember to buy organic ones because pesticides aren’t good for our health.

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