What Does Star Fruit Taste Like? Here’s What You Should Know

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10 Top 5 Ways To Use Star Fruits

Eating fruits and vegetables can get monotonous if we don’t try new, different things. Luckily, there are many delicious fruits and vegetables available to add a splash of variety to your usual diet.

One such unusual fruit with an eye-catching shape, colour and mouth-watering flavour is starfruit. Upon slicing this gorgeous fruit, it looks like a star, hence the name. The fruit is called Kamrakh, Ambanamkaya, Thambaratham, Kamaranga and Carambola in different regions.

Wondering what this exotic fruit tastes like? Don’t worry we have you covered. This article explores everything you need to know about starfruit. Yet, it is a matter of fact that one just cannot resist drooling while seeing them on streets, trees or stores.

What Is A Star Fruit? What Does It Taste Like?

Star fruit is a sweet-sour, five-point star-shaped fruit. Typically a native to Southeast Asia, one can find these gorgeous fruits growing around the world in the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and other tropical areas like Florida. It has beautiful bright pink flowers when the tree blossoms.

Star fruit has a fresh, complex sweet and sour flavour. The unripe, green fruits taste sour like lemon or lime whereas the yellow ripened ones are sweet with just a hint of tart. The sourness reduces as the fruit ripens.

Their taste is best described as a cross between a pear, apple, plum with a hint of tart added.

As the taste of star fruit depends crucially on its level of ripeness, each particular fruit differs from others in terms of flavour.

What Is The Texture Of Star Fruit?

Star fruit has a wonderful texture. The ripe yellow ones are similar to grapes or pears with waxy, glossy skins and tender juicy flesh with a firm snap. Biting into one would fill your mouth with amazing fresh flavours. While the edile skin will impart nice crispiness.

The unripe green ones are fairly firm and less juicy. Their texture is closer to an apple or an under ripe pear.

Are Star Fruit Skins Edible? Is It Fine To Have Them Unripe?

Yes, of course! Star fruit’s skin is edible and imparts that peculiar crispy snap to it. Just pick a fresh and ripe fruit, wash it and enjoy it directly. In fact, star fruit’s seeds are edible as well.

Just like mango, star fruit also goes from sour to sweet as it ripens. So, if you are someone who loves sourness, you would definitely love them unripe. And it goes great along with bold flavours. Add them to your vegetable salads and salsas and enjoy!

Does Star Fruit Have Varieties?

Yes, they do. Typically, there are two distinct varieties of star fruits. One is considerably sour even when ripe. They are yellow in colour and smaller in size. They are used in various savoury dishes like chicken casserole, seafood platter as a side dish or a garnish. They also taste great in salsas, jams and jellies.

Other varieties are sweeter, juicier and bigger with the right amount of tartness. They have a beautiful floral flavour. Due to their taste and texture, they go amazingly well in juices, smoothies, jams, desserts, and cocktails.

How To Pick A Good Star Fruit?

As a thumb rule for picking any fruits, pick the ones that look fresh.

Good star fruits have glossy, waxy skin without any holes or cuts.

Surely avoid the ones with any breakage or small bruises.

The smell is a potential way to find if the fruit is good or not.

If it has a nice floral smell, pick it up immediately.

However, if you are someone who loves the sour variety, go for smaller greener fruits.

How To Store Star Fruits?

If all you could get in your market were green unripe star fruits, and you prefer ripe ones, just ripen them at home at room temperature. They just need to be frequently turned for more even ripening.

If your star fruit is ripe, try to have them within a couple of days for experiencing the best flavour and texture. At room temperature, they last up to 4-5 days.

But if you want your ripe star fruits to last longer, cover them with a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator. They would do well for about a week in this way.

If you want to store them for a good amount of time then just cut them into slices and freeze them. This way, they will stay unspoiled for up to a year.

Top 5 Ways To Use Star Fruits

Following are the best ways to use these delicious fruits.

Eat them fresh and raw

Absolutely, nothing can beat their original, raw, sweet and sour flavour. Eat them fresh just like you would eat any other fruits.

Just wash them and either savour a good mouthful bite or slice them up.

Sprinkle some salt and red chilly powder for a perfect combination of flavours. Add them to your salads full of greens to add a perfect dash of sweet-sour freshness.

Both ripe and unripe ones can be enjoyed fresh according to one’s preferences.

Use star fruits in savoury dishes

Precisely, the unripe green sour star fruits impart freshness with a subtle tanginess to the cooked savoury dishes.

You can use them as a garnish or side dish especially with heavy meat and seafood or shellfish dishes to cut the intense monotonous flavour.

They impart a beautiful fresh light flavour to stews, stir fries and even cold soups.

Use star fruits in desserts, drinks and juices

Owing to their subtle acidity, star fruits go exceptionally well with cocktails and mocktails. They give a signature fresh tropical flavour to the drinks. Juicing them with other citrus fruits is also a great drink option.

The ripe juicy sweet ones with a hint of tartness make delicious sorbet and icecreams. Use them to top your cheesecakes, tarts, smoothie bowls, fruit salads and enjoy their fresh flavour.

Use them in pickles, jams or as compote

Slice them up and pickle them in oil, salt and seasonings or cook them with sugar and condiments to make delicious jams.

Another great way to enjoy star fruit, especially the unripe, green tangy ones is to make a sweet and sour compote to top your pancakes and waffles. Just heat star fruits with some sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice and cook until the mixture thickens.

Make a Chutney or Dip

Make tangy fresh chutneys and dips to be served as a side for your main meal. It would be a killer on top of breakfast tacos. The unripe green ones work best for tangy sour dips whereas the ripe yellow ones work best for juicy sweet dips.

The Bottom Line

Star fruit is a fresh, tropical delicious fruit that can be used in a variety of dishes and can be enjoyed raw as well.

They impart a unique exotic flavour to our mundane everyday palette. Someone with a sweet tooth would enjoy the ripe yellow ones while someone with a sour tongue could enjoy the unripe green ones.

With a variety of ways to eat, find your best way to truly enjoy them!

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