What Is Scallop Roe, And What Can You Do With It

Scallop roe is one of the most loved food items and many people are fond of the taste. Many people are skeptical about them.

The scallop is from the family of Pectinidae. It is a marine bivalve mollusc. Scallops can be found in every ocean in the world. Scallops are considered the largest family of the living bivalve. There are many species of scallop and the count can go up to 300. They tend to swim by clapping the valves they have. As a food source, many people eat them.

The term scallop emerged from the French word escalope which means shell. Scallops can be high priced but they are worth it. They are a food source most people like when they taste them.

While buying a scallop the thing that people forget most often is the roe. Yes, this delicious thing also has a roe and it tastes really good. This roe can be used as any other roe that is used in recipes. Today we are going to look at what scallop roe is and how to use it. If you want to know everything about scallop and its roe then keep reading this article.

What is Scallop Roe?

The scallop roe is the reproductive organ in a scallop. Scallop can be both male and female at the same time and they are termed as hermaphrodites.

This is the main reason why there are two colors visible on a roe. Orange and white are the two colors and sometimes you can also see grey. The orange part is the female part and in reality, only that part is considered as the roe.

The grey or white part is actually known as the milt however, the roe is termed for both the organs that are the white and the orange part (this is actually inaccurate). These organs are side by side to each other and they look very similar and this is the reason why they both are considered as the roe.

Can you eat Scallop roe?

This is one of the most debated questions and the short and crisp answer to this one is Yes, you can eat scallop roe without a doubt.

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Scallop roe is a sensitive and delicate part of the scallop and it is very delicious as well. There are many claims that suggest scallop tastes better when they have the roe. The reason behind this is the quick deterioration of the roe compared to other parts of the scallop. If the roe is fresh then this simply means that the whole scallop is fresh and this is going to be very delicious.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that scallops are highly-priced and the main reason is the way in which they are harvested. Once they get harvested they can be kept with the roe or the roe is removed.

All roes are good to eat and they are edible whether they are from mussels, fish, or grab. There are times when the roe gets removed and you are served a roeless dish. However, there are many recipes that you can prepare or taste that can make use of the tasty scallop roe.

What does a scallop roe look like?

Scallop roe is something that is very attractive to see and if you have it on your plate there are no chances you might have missed it. If it has never reached your plate then you won’t be able to imagine it.

The roe is a large part that is as large as the scallop itself. There are chances where the roe can even be larger than the scallop. It tends to grow bigger and bigger when the season of mating comes close. If we look at the texture they have a similar one as a liver.

They are very soft and are precisely inside a thin sac or a membrane. The orange side is the female side which is larger and the white side is the male side. Half of the scallop is covered by the roe and it looks like a half-moon.

There are many people who do not like it because of the look itself and many don’t have a problem with the look because of the flavor it has.

How to remove Roe from Scallops?

There are some times when some chef tends to remove the roe from the scallop for the purpose of decorating and presentation purposes. It won’t make any changes to the taste of the scallop.

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What this will do is make the scallop attractive. It will help in improving the presentation of the scallop. Presentation plays a very important role in plating a meal and some restaurants give utmost importance to the presentation of a meal. The scallop’s roe is removed almost every time. A portion of this waste can be recycled or discarded, while the remainder can be stored and used for a different recipe.

The scallop’s roe can be easily removed by cutting it off. Be very careful and use a thin, sharp knife to cut the paper. Poking the membrane may cause the eggs to leak out, which would be wasteful if you wanted to use them for something else.

Scallop roe is very delicious

There are many things that you can do with a scallop roe and they both are actually very delicious. There are many ways in which you can use them as well.

I’ll show you one way that is extremely easy and won’t require much effort. We will also see another way in which the process can be complicated but the presentation and look will be very appealing to the guests.

Cooking scallop with a roe

The best way in which you can use scallops is to not separate them or cut them off while cooking them. You can simply present them both together.

For doing this you are going to need live scallops and the reason is that it requires very fresh scallops. The first thing to do is to open the shell and remove everything and most importantly keep the scallop and the roe connected. Take a screaming hot skillet and pan-sear the scallop roe for around 2 minutes. You need to cook them on both sides and this is the stage where people tend to make mistakes. Whether the scallop cooks faster or the roe?

They tend to cook at the same speed but there’s one thing you will have to keep in mind which is they both are different in terms of composition, texture, and color and you cannot simply judge them equally. The roe tends to firm up but the fact is that it will still stay light. This happens because they aren’t as dense as scallops are. You don’t have to worry because they will cook perfectly.

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You can compare scallop roe with beef, you need to cook them both with a good sear on the outside part while the inside is undercooked.

Taramasalata is a beautiful Greek roe dip

You can try this and it is a very amazing spread or dip you can use alongside roe. It’s very similar to caviar and it can be scallop roe or fish roe.

I said it’s similar to caviar and the reason is the taste that is similar to caviar which is briny and fresh. Taramasalata isn’t something that you can make easily. It requires a lot of precision and you need to give in the effort. It won’t thicken if you do sometimes wrong and therefore it is recommended to have a look at some of the recipes first before trying it.

You are going to need a very fresh roe for this. You will also need oil for this and you can make use of olive oil. You also need lemon juice, starchy-based mashed potatoes, salt. You can also add other ingredients like garlic, onions, spring onions according to your preference. Now make use of a mortar and pestle or you can simply use a blender to mix these things. When the mixture is obtained it will be thick like mayo.

The process is very specific and if you do not know how to do it then find out and don’t go on your own if you don’t have a proper recipe.


This post simply tells us that scallop and roe both are edible and everyone can eat them. It is very delicious and you can add it to your recipes.

You can also keep them together or cut the roe off for presentation purposes. You should not throw the roe off as it is a very tasty thing to eat. I hope this article was useful and informative.

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