What’s The Best Bread To Use For French Toast

Bread is a staple food in almost every culture around the world. It’s also a common ingredient in recipes. However, there are many different types of bread out there. Some are better than others.

If you’ve ever had French toast, then you know that it’s amazing breakfast food. It’s delicious, filling, and makes for a quick and easy meal. However, there are a few different types of bread that you can use for French toast.

There are two main types of bread that you should consider using for French toast. They are white bread and whole wheat bread. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Whole wheat bread is usually higher in fiber and lowers in calories than white bread. It also tends to be thicker and chewier. On the other hand, white bread is usually lower in fiber and higher in calories. It’s also thinner and softer.

Whichever type of bread you choose, you want to make sure that it’s soft enough to soak up the egg mixture without breaking down too much. If you’re looking for the best bread for French toast, then you should definitely check out these options.

Using just any kind of bread will work fine as long as it’s not too hard or dense. You don’t need anything fancy here. Just pick something that works well with your recipe.

Because of its sweet, buttery flavor and ultra-soft texture, brioche is the ideal bread to use for French Toast. This bread has the finest flavor and texture when sliced between 1/2′′ and 1′′ thick. Then there’s Challah, which is likewise soft but doesn’t have the same buttery, sweet flavor. Both of them are great choices if you’re making this dish at home.

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You could even try using bagels instead of bread. Bagel dough is very similar to regular sandwich bread dough. So they’ll do nicely. But keep an eye on how big the slices get after soaking. A lot of people like their bagels thin so they won’t break apart while cooking.

The Best Types Of Bread To Use For French Toast

French toast is an American classic breakfast food that has been around for centuries. It’s a simple dish that combines bread with eggs and milk or cream.

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There are many different types of bread that you can use for French toast, including challah, brioche, cinnamon rolls, and even pizza dough.

Here are some of the best types of bread that you should try making French toast with.


This is one of the most popular kinds of bread used for French toast. Brioche is made from enriched yeast dough that contains both flour and sugar. It’s often flavored with vanilla extract. When baked, brioche gets golden brown and fluffy inside.

It’s perfect because it’s light yet rich tasting. Plus, it holds together really well during baking. That means it stays intact throughout the entire process. And since it’s relatively low in fat, it’s good for those who prefer lighter dishes.


A traditional Jewish loaf, challah is typically braided into three layers: top, middle, bottom. It’s traditionally served plain or topped with honey and sometimes nuts.

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Challah - Once Upon a Chef

It’s got a nice chewy crust and tender crumb. Because of all the ingredients that go into it, it’s pretty high in carbs. However, it does contain plenty of protein and nutrients. In fact, it’s considered by nutritionists to be among the healthiest foods available.

Cinnamon Rolls

These delicious treats come from America’s pastime. Cinnamon rolls were originally created in New Orleans where they’ve become famous for being filled with icing and rolled in powdered sugar.

They’re basically small loaves of yeasted dough that are stuffed full of cinnamon filling. These days, however, you can find them everywhere. From bakeries to grocery stores, these little beauties are easy to make yourself.

Milk Bread

If you want to add more substance to your French toast, then consider trying out milk bread. Milk bread is essentially a type of white bread that’s soaked in whole milk before baking.

That way, it becomes extra moist and flavorful. If you’d rather skip the soaking step though, you can always substitute skimmed milk. Either way, milk bread makes a tasty addition to French toast.

Potato Bread

Another option would be potato bread. Potato bread is actually just another name for french fries. They’re usually deep-fried until crispy and then dipped in batter.

Then they’re cooked again until crisp. After that, they’re finished off with cheese sauce. You can also stuff them with other toppings such as bacon bits, chili powder, garlic salt, etc. Additionally, there are several varieties of potato bread on the market today. Some have added flavors like cheddar cheese while others include sweet potatoes.

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The baguette has been around for centuries. Originating in France, this long thin loaf was first introduced to North American shores back in 1847. Today, it remains an essential part of any meal.

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You’ll probably recognize its shape if you see it at restaurants. But what sets it apart from other bread products is how soft and delicate it feels when eaten straight out of the oven. This quality allows it to soak up lots of flavor without getting soggy.


Sourdough bread is naturally leavened using wild yeasts found in nature. As opposed to commercial yeast which requires heat and moisture to activate, sourdough uses natural bacteria instead.

Because of this difference, sourdough bread tends to develop a unique tangy taste. Its texture is slightly denser than regular bread too. So it doesn’t break down quite so easily.


There are many different types of bread available. Each one offers something special. And each one will work well in making French toast. Just remember to choose wisely!

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