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What To Do With Expired Eggs Here’s Some Ideas

Eggs are essential and important for our lives.

They are nutritious, healthy, and easy to eat.

They are consumed almost everywhere in breakfast or either lunch.

Some of us must be already wondering that how and when we began consuming these eggs.

Humans have been consuming since the time they learned hunting and gathering.

Well, the answer to how and why remains unanswered to this day.

Eggs are eaten from wherever they can be obtained.

There is ‘n’ number of varieties in eggs ranging from hens to ducks to that of ostrich.

Hens and ostrich eggs are the most common that is widely consumed across the globe.

They are an excellent source of protein they are used in almost every type of recipe ranging from dessert to spicy dishes to baked items.

There are other reasons why eggs are consumed widely. The very first reason according to the historical records they were consumed the day of meatless fasting or on the special and auspicious days. These eggs have been important in the scenario of socio-religious symbolism and the traditions and cultures have encouraged the use of eggs in celebrating and decorating it. While some other countries and traditions decided it as filthy food and should be avoided at any cost. There are many events and festivals where eggs are avoided particularly in the regions of Asia, specifically South Asia.

There is no history of why and how eggs were used first but there is definitely an account on why, how eggs came into baking. Food historians tells us that eggs came into baking as a binding agent which was used in Egypt and Rome. Their practices of making, their exotic dessert were then traveled to all of Europe and then to other parts of the world. Their practice of making a dessert with eggs is a boon to all of us in contemporary times specifically when we are having our coffees with tasty desserts.

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Eggs other than socio-cultural or culinary have economic aspects as well. While the chicken and other fowls(birds) like ostrich and duck eggs are commonly consumed, there is also a range of expensive and luxurious eggs that are consumed by the people who are top on the hierarchy. They are also not only expensive but also belong to the species that are endangered or are on the verge of getting endangered.

Well, history and its value in terms of various aspects there lies an interesting question i.e what can be done with the eggs that are expired?

If you have this doubt that can we eat these expired eggs then you can. Yes, you can eat these expired eggs depending upon in what state it is. Usually, the eggs that are bought have the expired dates mentioned on the cartons but if they are kept in good conditions, they can be used even after they get expired.

Well, why would you eat an expired egg to begin with? Supposedly on a Sunday holiday, you planned not to go out and you just crave a good freshly made nutritious breakfast and you don’t have that only ingredient(egg) for your omelet. Being lazy you won’t be going to the store for that single egg that you need for your breaky. NOW it is time to use that expired egg which was there in your fridge a week ago. It is confirmed that you can eat an expired egg until and unless it is in suitable and good condition.

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An egg if kept in a refrigerator with the required temperature can remain fresh even after it is expired. It is said that to maintain and retain the quality of eggs for a longer period it should be kept dry and separately from other commodities in refrigerators.

Well while eating those expired ones some of the things that should be taken into consideration are:

· If your eggs are stored in a clean, cool, and dry place they are okay to use for a while even after it is expired.

· If your eggs are not broken or do they are okay to use.

· If your eggs do not smell or have any unusual texture they are okay to be used.

If you are unsure about whether the egg can be used, or not then you can also do float test. Putting an egg in a container filled with water will tell you exactly about its quality. If the egg sinks deep into water then it is okay to be consumed but if it floats the egg is definitely rotten and not safe to use.

Other than that instead of eating these plain expired eggs you can make omelet out of them. It is said that it is better to make something out of these eggs instead of consuming them plainly. Side dishes or adding it to instant noodles are most preferred where you can use such eggs.

Such eggs can also be used for making quick desserts.

Therefore, your eggs that are expired can also be consumed but make sure not to consume the rotten ones or else they will definitely harm you. It is okay to consume an expired egg otherwise once in a while.

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