What Type Of Bowl Is Best For Dough To Rise

If you want to get the best rise out of your dough, then you need to use the correct bowl. The type of bowl you choose will depend on the type of bread you are making.

There are two main types of bowls used for baking bread: metal and glass. Metal is usually preferred because it conducts heat better than glass. However, if you are looking for a non-stick surface, then the glass is the way to go.

Here are some other factors to consider when choosing a bowl:

1. Size – If you are making a large loaf of bread, then you should use a larger bowl. If you are making smaller loaves, then you should use smaller bowls.

2. Shape – Round or square-shaped bowls work well with round loaves such as baguettes. Rectangular shapes work well with rectangular loaves like ciabatta rolls.

3. Material – Some people prefer plastic over stainless steel. Plastic can be easier to clean up after use. Stainless steel tends to retain odors more easily.

4. Non-stick coating – A non-stick coating helps prevent sticking issues. It also makes cleaning up much simpler.

Plastic and stainless steel bowls retain heat well and allow for a speedier proof, whereas tall plastic dough-rising buckets are ideal for determining when the dough has doubled in size. It’s important to remember that dough can rise in plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and even wooden containers.

Can Dough Rise In A Mixer Bowl?

Yes! You can make great-tasting yeast bread in any kind of mixing bowl that has been properly cleaned.

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Globe XXBOWL-10 10 Qt. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl for SP10 Mixer

Just remember not to put too many ingredients into one bowl at once. This could cause the mixture to become very wet which would result in poor rising. Also, do not let the bowl sit around without being covered while the dough rises. Covering the bowl prevents moisture from escaping and allows the air inside the bowl to circulate freely.

Doesn’t matter it’s a plastic bowl or stainless steel bowl…the only thing that matters is how long does it take for the dough to double in volume. I have made my own pizza crusts using both kinds of bowls and they were perfect.

Is It Safe To rising Dough In Plastic?

Absolutely yes! There are no health risks associated with the rising dough in plastic. Just keep an eye on the temperature so that it doesn’t exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

One Key Tip to Ensure Your Dough Rises EVERY Time | Lauren Caris Cooks

It can safely rise in plastic until it doubles in size. After this point, it may start to ferment faster due to its higher sugar content. So, don’t worry about having to wait longer before eating your delicious homemade bread.

There’s no need to be concerned about plastic getting into your bread because dough can safely rise in food-grade plastic. The plastic will not react with anything in the dough. To keep the bowl from melting, keep it away from intense heat.

What Material Shouldn’t Dough Rise In?

The dough does great with every material in the kitchen except wood. Wood absorbs water quickly and becomes soft. When the dough gets moistened, it expands rapidly causing cracks in the walls of the container.

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These cracks provide entry points for bacteria and mold growth. Mold spores thrive best in warm humid conditions. They multiply by feeding off the sugars found in flour. Once there is enough mold present, the whole batch of dough begins to smell bad.

If you want to bake something sweet, try using a silicone mat instead of a cookie sheet. Aluminum is yet another material that should never be used as a baking surface. Baking soda reacts with aluminum creating hydrogen gas bubbles that expand during cooking. As these bubbles grow larger, they burst to release their contents onto the baked good. This causes discoloration and soggy bottoms.


Bread making is fun but requires some practice. I hope this post helped you with everything that you were looking for regarding what type of bowl is best for the dough to rise.

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