Why Are Apples Sticky Its All In Their Skin

Apples are delicious, nutritious and healthy. They’re also sticky. But sometimes you might also wonder why the apples are so sticky? What can be the reason? You will get all the queries cleared ahead! Also remember that your apples can be over mature if they feel greasy.

Why are apples sticky ?

It’s all in their skin. They are sticky due to the presence of a thin coating of wax, it can be either natural or synthetic. The reason why an apple is so sticky, and the reason that it sticks to your hands when you pick one up, has a lot to do with how its surface is structured. The outer layer of cells on the outside of the fruit contains lots of tiny pores called stomata which allow water vapor from inside the fruit to escape into the air. This helps keep the fruit fresh for longer. Apples are also coated with synthetic wax that is safe for the body.

Some apples produce more wax than other

This means that some varieties will stick together better than others. Red Delicious apples fall into this category.

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The two varieties of apple namely Jonagold and Cortland contain more wax naturally on the skin when compared to other varieties.

Why do they spray wax on apples?

The main purpose of spraying wax on apples is to prevent them from sticking together during shipping. When apples are shipped by truck, they often end up stuck together because of condensation build-up between the boxes. To avoid this problem, manufacturers coat the apples with a protective film before packing them. It helps prevent bruising when stored in bulk containers.

But even then, apples do occasionally end up stuck together.

If you want to avoid getting stuck by an apple, here are some tips:

1) Don’t store apples near onions because both cause similar reactions.

2) Store apples away from bananas because these too release ethylene gas. Ethylene causes apples to ripen faster.

Can you eat waxed apples ?

Yes! Waxed apples are perfectly fine to consume. They don’t harm our body. However, when buying them make sure to check the label because some brands add extra ingredients such as sugar.

If you want to avoid eating waxed apples then just wash them well before consuming.

You should never put anything else inside your mouth while chewing an apple. That includes toothpicks, straws, chopsticks, etc. It could cause serious damage to your teeth.

Health benefits of eating apples!

While every variety of apple may differ in nutrition and antioxidant content yet all apples offer amazing benefits to our health. Apples are really good for our gut health, hypertension,heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even some cancers. Hence, the saying – an apple a day keeps the doctor away, has proved!

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So, try and embody it in your daily diet.

How to remove wax from apples?

  • Waxing apples isn’t harmful. Just remember to keep them away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, they might dry up too quickly.
  • To prevent this, place them in paper bags or containers lined with newspaper. Store these items somewhere cool and dark.
  • When storing apples, make sure to wrap them tightly in aluminum foil. This helps protect against moisture loss.

What happens if you leave apples outside during wintertime?

During cold weather, apples become soft and mushy. If left outdoors long enough, they’ll eventually rot.

However, there are ways to preserve their quality even after being exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, you can freeze them instead. Simply cut off the stem end and slice the rest of the apple thinly. Then pack them individually in freezer bags.

Freezing preserves the texture and keeps the nutrients intact. But freezing also makes the skin tough. So you’ll need to use a vegetable peeler to get rid of it first.

Are all apples good for your health?

Yes! There are many different types of apples available today. You should choose whichever type suits your needs best. For example:

  • If you want something crunchy then go for Granny Smith apples.
  • Or maybe you prefer softer varieties such as Pink Lady or Gala.
  • You may even enjoy eating some tart apples such as Braeburn or Fuji.
  • But whatever variety you decide upon, make sure they are grown organically. Organic produce tends to be more flavorful and healthier too.
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Apples have been around since ancient times. They were originally cultivated in China over 5 thousand years ago. Today, we still find them growing wild throughout North America.

They’re one of the most popular fruits worldwide. And that popularity has only increased over time.

So whether you like sweet or sour flavors, you will surely love apples. But don’t forget about those sticky ones either. Because no matter how hard you try, sometimes they won’t let you down.

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