Why Is Cauliflower White The Surprising Truth Behind Its Color

The cauliflower has been recognized as a healthy food in the past decade. You can find it in a number of healthy alternatives, like cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza crust, cauliflower roast, and so on. It is always the color that is constant.

We’ve always taken cauliflower for granted. Did we ever stop to think about why cauliflower is white? It’s from the same family of vegetables as broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, and Brussel sprout. They have different shades of green and purple tinges. The odd one out is cauliflower. Does it mean anything ? Let’s see what we can find.

Why is cauliflower white ?

The cauliflower heads are white because they grow and mature completely covered in leaves. Farmers tie the outermost leaves of a cauliflower plant. It protects them from the sun’s direct rays which leads to the development of the green color in many vegetables.

The cauliflower is white because the sun doesn’t reach the florets. Otherwise it would have a yellowish-green color.

Cauliflowers come in different colors

We only ever see the white cauliflower but it comes in many different colours. Tradition and what consumers expect are the reasons behind this. The real cauliflower was white long ago. So whenever they step out they know what to expect while buying cauliflower.

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As time went on, there were different varieties, either through cross-pollination or through natural changes.

You can find a lot of cauliflower varieties on the market, but you have to look harder for the ones that are purple, orange, and light green.

The purple cauliflower has a high incidence of the anthocyanin pigment that varies from blue to red depending on the acidity of the soil. It’s what makes asparagus spears purple, and sometimes broccoli heads as well.

Why is cauliflower white and broccoli green ?

Broccoli stems are not protected by any kind of leafy covering. They’re exposed to sunlight all day long. This causes their stem to turn bright green.

In contrast, cauliflower stems don’t get much exposure to sunlight. Their protective coverings prevent the stem from turning green.

This means that when farmers harvest broccoli, they cut off its head before harvesting the rest of the stalk. But if they leave the stalks intact, then the whole crop will be harvested together. That’s how broccoli ends up being sold at the store.

If you want to buy broccoli without cutting off the head, make sure to ask your grocer to do it for you. If he refuses, just go somewhere else!

Does differently colored cauliflower taste any different ?

Cauliflower does not taste any different despite its many colors. The orange one does not taste like carrot, and the purple one does not taste weird. Different colored cauliflower heads can be used in a casserole or salad.

Can you eat raw cauliflower?

Yes, you can eat raw cauliflower. You should wash it first though. There are two main types: Romanesco and regular old fashioned cauliflower. Both are edible, although Romanesco tends to be more delicate than normal cauliflower.

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Common problems when cooking cauliflower

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that come up while cooking this beautiful vegetable. It’d be a shame to not cook it well after all the hard work that went into preserving it. This pretty thing is often treated badly because of its rapid texture change, so you have to be very careful when cooking it. Let’s take a look at it.

1. You use olive oil or butter

You have to add a little bit of fat or oil to cook cauliflower. Olive oil is more delicious and healthier than other types of oil. Or you may opt for butter, for that amazing aroma.

Olive oil is great for frying foods, especially potatoes. However, it also works really well with other veggies such as carrots, onions, and zucchini. Butter is good too. Both oils give the food an amazing flavor.

Butter gives the food more moisture than olive oil. And since cauliflower is already quite moist, adding extra fat might cause it to become soggy. Olive oil is better suited for this purpose.

The problem is that butter and olive oil have a low smoking point. You can cook with butter or olive oil, as they will burn more quickly than other cooking oils. You know that cauliflower is not ready in 5 minutes.

2. You fry instead of bake

Even if you’re using cooking oil or fat for cauliflower, you’re doing it wrong if you fry or saute it. The problem is how the cauliflower is built. This vegetable cannot be fried or brown evenly because it has no flat surface. If you don’t cut the cauliflower into thick slices, you will get cauliflower that is not cooked evenly. Who does that?

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It’s very easy to cut the head in half, coat it with a good cooking oil and then bake it at 400 F/ 204 C for about 20 minutes.

3. You overcook it

Don’t cook the cauliflower in one big head, cut it in two or even smaller pieces when baking or boiling, and never cook it in a big head.

And that’s all we have. The cauliflower should be nice and soft, with a bit of texture left. This is a great vegetable and we should have it a few times a month. It can be your new favorite with the right seasoning.


We’ve learned why white cauliflower looks white. We’ve seen what happens when you cook it incorrectly. In addition , we’ve discovered ways to prepare it properly. So now you’ll always enjoy eating this wonderful veggie.

What are your thoughts on cauliflower? Do you love it or hate it? Well! In my opinion , I think it tastes just fine. But there are people who don’t like it.

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