Why Is Durian So Expensive 4 Big Reasons

Durian is an exotic fruit that has been around for centuries. It was first introduced to the west during the 17th century. The name “durian” comes from the Malay word “duri” meaning stinky.

Durians are native to Southeast Asia and Indonesia. They are known for their smell and taste. They are also known for being extremely large fruits. Some varieties weigh up to 400 grams. They are considered a delicacy in many countries. In fact, durians are often used as gifts. They are also eaten fresh or dried.

Durians are known for being extremely expensive. They are also known for their smell. The durian fruit has a strong odor that is similar to rotten eggs. It is said that the smell of durian can linger for days after eating it.

Their prices vary depending on where you live. In Thailand, durian prices range from $5-$10 per kilo. In Malaysia, durian prices start at around $15 per kilo. In Indonesia, durian prices start around $20 per kilo. Durian prices are high because of their rarity. Only 2% of the world’s durian production comes from Indonesia. Most of the durian produced is exported to other countries.

There are four main reasons why durian prices are so high.

Why is durian so expensive?

Durians are known for being extremely expensive. They are also known for their smell. The durian fruit has a strong odor that is similar to rotten eggs. It is said that the smell of durian is so pungent that it can cause people to vomit.

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But why is the price so high? Well, there are several factors that contribute to the cost of durian. First, the durian tree takes a long time to mature. Second, the durian is harvested only once every two years. Third, the durian is highly perishable. And finally, the durian is very labor-intensive to harvest.

So, if you want to buy durian at its cheapest, then you should plan ahead. Buy durian during the off-season. Also, try to buy durian from reputable sellers who sell fresh durian. If you don’t have access to fresh durian, then look into buying frozen durian instead. Frozen durian will be cheaper than fresh durian.

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The most common way to eat durian is by grating them with your teeth. You can either grate them yourself or ask someone else to do it for you. Grate the fleshy part of the durian using a cheese grater. Then place the pieces onto a plate. Next, sprinkle some salt over the top.

Durian demand is higher than its supply

One reason why durian prices are high is due to limited availability. There are only about 100 species of durian trees worldwide. Of those, only one species grows well in tropical climates. This particular type of durian doesn’t grow well outside of Southeast Asia. As such, this makes it difficult to export durian to different parts of the globe.

Another factor contributing to the scarcity of durian is the lack of knowledge surrounding how to cultivate these plants. Many farmers aren’t even aware that they exist. Because of this, farmers tend not to plant more durian trees.

This means that when a farmer does decide to plant another durian tree, he may end up planting an inferior variety. These types of durian trees produce smaller-sized fruits. Smaller size fruits mean lower yields. Lower yield translates to less money earned.

Because of all of these issues, durian prices remain relatively stable. However, we expect things to change soon. The demand is increasing for durians and the supply is low. We believe that as the market becomes saturated, prices will begin to drop. Additionally, new varieties of durian could become available. If you’re looking to purchase durian online, make sure you choose a reliable seller. Look for reviews and feedbacks before purchasing any product.

Middlemen export durians and they charge extra

Many middlemen take advantage of the fact that durians are exported out of Indonesia. Middlemen often charge exorbitant fees on top of what the actual growers get paid. For example, a typical fee might be $10-$15 per kilogram. That’s almost double the amount that the growers receive!

If you’re planning to import durian from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, etc., then you’ll need to pay additional taxes. In addition, you’ll also need to pay customs duties. Depending on where you live, you may also need to pay quarantine fees. All of these costs add up quickly.

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These intermediaries are both necessary and inconvenient, at least from the perspective of the customer. On the one hand, there would be no durian for us to buy if they weren’t there. The durian fruit, on the other hand, would be less expensive since there would be no one to raise the costs. However, because of their existence, many people have been forced into buying durian through middlemen. They’ve had little choice but to accept whatever price the middleman offers. Unfortunately, this has led to inflated prices.

Durian is fragile which makes it difficult to transport or store

The durian fruit itself isn’t very durable. It can easily bruise during transportation. Once bruised, the durian loses much of its flavor. To prevent bruising, some sellers wrap them with plastic bags. But wrapping just adds cost without providing any real benefit.

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In order to keep the durian fresh longer, some sellers refrigerate them after picking. While this helps preserve the quality of the durian, it also increases shipping time. This leads to higher overall costs.

In short, durian needs to be handled carefully in order to avoid damage. As such, it requires special care while being transported and stored. Most buyers don’t realize this until they arrive home and find that their durian was damaged. By then, it’s too late. It also has a very short shelf life once opened. You should eat your durian within 24 hours of opening. After that, it starts losing its taste.

The fruit can easily get damaged resulting in wastage during transportation When transporting durian by air, it must first go through an X-ray machine. Because of this requirement, most airlines won’t allow passengers to carry more than two pieces of luggage each. And even when allowed, only small items like books and laptops fit inside. Anything else gets left behind.

This means that large quantities of durian cannot travel together. Instead, they must be shipped separately. When traveling domestically, this doesn’t pose a problem.

Simply said, durian is important.

It takes about 10 years before a durian tree begins producing fruit. During those ten years, the trees will produce flowers and leaves. These plants provide food for insects and birds. Without them, the durian wouldn’t exist.

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As mentioned earlier, durian fruits grow on tall stalks called pseudostems. Each stalk produces multiple fruits. If all of these fruits were harvested individually, we’d end up with thousands upon thousands of individual fruits. We couldn’t possibly consume so many.

Durians are also used as national symbols and for campaigns promoting tourism. In fact, Indonesia exports around $1 billion worth of durian every year. That’s why you’ll see durian everywhere. From billboards to souvenirs, Indonesians use everything possible to promote their country.

Because of this importance, the government protects the industry. For example, farmers aren’t permitted to pick durian between 9 am and 5 pm. Doing so could result in fines. Also, anyone caught selling unripe durian faces heavy penalties. The law states that if someone sells unripe durian, he/she risks imprisonment from one month to three months.

So what does all this mean? Well, it simply explains how expensive durian really is. There’s no way around it. Even though there are plenty of other tropical fruits available at lower prices, people still choose to buy durian because of its unique flavors.

If you’re looking for something different, try mangoes instead.


If you want to enjoy durian without breaking the bank, make sure you purchase it directly from local growers or reputable online retailers. Buying direct ensures that you receive high-quality products.

Also, remember that durian isn’t just delicious; it’s also extremely nutritious. Eating it regularly may help reduce cholesterol levels and prevent cancer. Plus, it contains antioxidants that fight free radicals. All of these benefits come along with minimal calories.

I hope this post helped you figure out why is durian so expensive and helped you with your food curiosities.

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