Why are Japanese eggs so orange- Here’s what we know

You know,when your breakfast is good and healthy you feel energetic and happy the whole day.I test this on myself,when on the days I am having healthy breakfast to days when I am eating trash.I saw some serious changes in my health and of course my skin, hair,etc.But trust me choosing something good for breakfast is definitely not an easy task.So I thought of searching it on google and found that eggs are really great breakfast.They are great source of protein which keeps you energetic the whole day.

Now ,the question comes which egg to choose?

I remember when I was in Japan and was shocked by seeing the colour of eggs.They are really dark orange and shining like a sun.I mean they are looking beautiful like a marigold.I wanted to try them ,they tasted heavenly.

What does an egg’s yolk mean?

An egg consist of two things- eggs whites and egg yolks.Egg whites are higher in protein and lower in calories.Egg yolk is a great source of fats , vitamins and minerals.Egg yolk is yellow, pale orange and sometimes even darker than orange in colour.

Why Are Japanese Eggs So Orange?

The colour of the Japanese egg’s yolk is orange in colour.The reason for orange colour yolk is chicken’s food.

There is an aphorism ‘We become what we eat’.

The same goes with the chicken’s food.Foods which are high in carotene like carrots,peppers ,paprika etc are given to hen.The food decides the colour of yolk.Sometimes for extra dark colour they also give marigold and rose petals to hen.The actual reason for the orange colour of yolk is food of chickens. Carrots, marigold,rose petals and paprika helps in changing the yolk colour from pale yellow to orange.

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There are so many dishes in Japan where eggs are served raw. So for presentation the egg needs to look beautiful and healthy. That is why they feed chickens with food rich in carotene which helps in changing the yolk colour and making them look more beautiful and healthy and tasty.

What does egg yolk colour mean?

The colour of yolk tell us about the diet of hens.If hen is having carotene in her diet like carrots and some sort of marigold and flowers that are dark in colour the colour of the yolk will be orange or dark orange.Dark leafy green vegetables and orange or red fruits help in changing the yolk colour from yellow to dark orange.

If hen is having corn, grass ,rice then the colour of yolk will pale yellow to yellow.

Carotenoid-rich diet of hen adds nutrition to the egg as well. Carotenoid rich fruits and vegetables are really helpful for our eyes.Doctors recommend carrot and carotene rich diet to night-blindness patients.Consuming an egg which is orange in colour helps in reducing age related eye problems.

Can we determine the quality of an egg just by looking at it?

No.But definitely it gives a kind of clue what kind of diet chicken is having. The colour of egg yolks depends on seasons too.Eggs are seasonal products.During winters the hens lay less eggs and the colour of yolk is pale yellow or yellow.

The healthier the hen, the healthier the egg.

There is no doubt that if the hen is healthy ,the eggs will be healthy too.The diet determines the health of a hen.If you feed hens with more Vitamin A,Vitamin E rich fruits and vegetables , the eggs will be healthier in comparison to those eggs whose hens are eating rice and grass.

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Why are the colours of American eggs yellow ?

In America most of the chickens eat corn.Corn is easy to grow, cheap and easily available.This affects the hen’s egg colour.In America the colour of egg’s yolk is yellow or pale yellow.But this doesn’t mean , American eggs are less healthy or having less nutritional value.Eggs yolk colour can be increased by giving hens pigmented foods like dark green leafy vegetables, beetroot, carrots etc.

What do chickens eat?

Chickens eat almost all kinds of insects,grass,worms and seeds and whatever they find suitable for them. But since they have been domesticated and farmers take care of them,they give chicken soy beans,corn,rice,grass, orange peel etc to eat.

A chicken diet must be rich with proteins,vitamins, minerals and fats.The most important nutrients a chicken needs is definitely calcium.They need calcium because the outer shell of an egg is made up of calcium.

They need food which has less salt content and low sugar.

Laying chickens also known as hens need extra nutrients in their diet especially protein,fats and calcium.The food quantity also differs from size and age of the hen.

Why are Japanese eggs so clean ?

When I was in Japan,I sort of notice everything about their culture,the way they live, their love for anime, their routine and got to know that there are so many egg dishes in Japan and raw eggs are main ingredient in them.The eggs are so clean and to be honest I have never seen such beautiful and clean eggs.

They are quite obsessed with keeping their eggs clean. Japanese do like cleaning their every stuff.Japanese are obsessed with cleanliness.If you ever get a chance to be in Japan do try their amazing seafood and those delicious, marigold colour eggs.

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Difference between American eggs and Japanese eggs

  • The American eggs have pale yellow yolk while Japanese eggs have orange yolk.

  • Japanese egg yolks are more spherical than American egg yolk.
  • American eggs have a runny consistency yolk while Japanese yolks are thick in nature.
  • It is quite easy to crack an American egg in comparison to Japanese eggs.
  • Japanese eggs are rich in flavour with a creamy texture while American eggs don’t have much flavour.

Facts about eggs

  • Forty per cent of the world’s eggs are consumed in China.
  • Eggs contain the highest quality protein you can buy.
  • Egg yolks are one of the few foods that are a naturally good source of Vitamin D.
  • Yolk colour depends on the diet of the hen.
  • Eggs age more in one day at room temperature than in one week in the refrigerator.

Which is better, egg yolk or egg whites?

The white part of the egg is rich in protein and has very few calories.The yolk contains several important vitamins, cholesterol ,fats , minerals and choline.

Poached and boiled eggs are the healthiest form of eating eggs.Eating both parts of eggs(yolk and whites) is a good way to consume eggs instead of eating only whites or yolk.

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